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SharePoint Solutions Products

Ready to use products and Frameworks on SharePoint which can be quickly customized to meet your specific requirement.

BI and Analytics

Our BI and Analytics solutions is a Framework available on SharePoint and utilizes the Microsoft BI Platform. We have ready to use web parts which can be quickly modified for any BI requirement sales, revenue analysis, cost and expense analysis and etc. we also have a ready to use framework for KPI and Dashboard and any reporting requirement which can extended on top of SharePoint.

Claim Management Solutions

Claims Management is a framework available on top of SharePoint and has the flexibility to be extended for Government related claim by citizens, expense claims and can be customized to suit insurance related claim. The Framework utilizes the features and functionality of SharePoint and provide a flexible solution for streamlining all the claim related processes using SharePoint Workflow and Document Management features.

Collaborative CAPEX Solutions

A Collaborative Capital Purchased and CAPEX Budgeting Solutions from COMM-IT with BPM capability allowing organization to streamline their complete purchase and budgeting with stringent accountability and visibility at each level of approval processes. The solutions allow each users request to be submitted, received, reviewed, approved, tracked, monitored, and reported.

Environment Health Safety and Security (EHSS)

SharePoint and is meant to automate the management of safety, industrial hygiene, and occupational health processes. The solution is highly cost effective and flexible and can be quickly customized to requirement of any enterprise by providing analytical reports for top management. Its unique Idea Management workflow ensure continuous improvement in the field of EHSS by allowing employee and contractors to participate in improving the EHSS processes.

Helpdesk and Incident Management

This is a complete support management framework which is highly flexible and can be customized to meet the specific requirement of any enterprise. The solution provide interface for customer and as well as internal employee to raise support ticket which is then managed by a workflow process for managing the complete life cycle of the ticket. the support tickets can be captured from across various media i.e. helpdesk calls, email, SMS, support portal and from mobile devices. The solutions are also extendible of mobile platforms.

HRMS Solution

Our HRM is a framework available on SharePoint and can be quickly customized to meet the specific requirement for any enterprises. It provides features like onboarding and off boarding, Employee Profile Management, Asset allocation, attendance management, travel request, reimbursement, performance management, task management, employee self-service portal and etc. The Framework uses the Document Management and Workflow foundations of SharePoint for complete HRM automation.

Intranet Portal

Our Intranet Portal is based on SharePoint and comprises of ready to use out of box features of SharePoint and backed by various tools and framework developed by COMM-IT which are ready to use and can help you to get started quickly. The solutions allow to bring together all application, services and information with roles based access and workflows for various teams, individual and division backed by ready to use tool developed by COMM-IT for travel, HR, surveys, leave management and etc.

Legal Information System

Legal Information System is Framework for automating the complete legal information management for corporates who are signing huge amount of legal agreement of various categories. This solution can help automate the complete agreement, contracts, NDA, trademarks, copyrights and etc. being signed by various departments. It also covers the corporate law requirement like Power of Attorney, PFA, Bank Authorization and etc. The Solution is completely workflow enabled with document management capability.

Office 365 Solutions

Most of our solutions and framework on SharePoint are fully compatible with Office 365. This gives us the flexibility to extend these solutions over Microsoft Cloud Office 365 which enables productivity on demand through mobile, collaborative and efficient work experience. Our Cloud consultant can help you to develop a right cloud strategy support Microsoft direction regarding Office 365 and incorporate the rising BYOD initiatives in corporates.

Procure to Pay Automation

Our Procure to Pay is Framework based on SharePoint and is an extension of CAPEX solutions. Our solution allows collaboration, visibility and transaction automation with supplier and thereby increasing agility, reducing cost and minimizing risk. Our in-depth knowledge of electronic forms, workflow automation and document management on SharePoint backed by our ready to use tools, allows you to completely automate your P2P processes.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing framework is a part of CRM on SharePoint and can be implemented separately. The solution can be customized to meet the specific requirements. The Sales and Marketing framework comprises of marketing automation, sales opportunity capturing, document workflow automation, order and invoice processing, project management and complete approval process automation. Various analytical and BI reports with drill down capabilities can also be implemented.

SharePoint CRM

Our Framework on SharePoint is complete CRM solutions for SME or corporates looking for solutions highly customized to their requirement. The solution allows companies to manage and analyze customer interaction and data throughout the lifecycle with the aim of improving business relationship, retaining customers and driving sales growth. The solution utilizes the workflow capabilities of SharePoint to automate the processes for marketing, sales force, contact management and customer interactions.