Sales and Marketing Products

Solutions developed to streamline Sales and Marketing operations and integrated with existing enterprise application to fill the missing gaps.

CRM for SMEs

Our CRM Framework is a standalone version of SharePoint CRM for SME’s or corporates looking for solutions highly customized to their requirement. The solution allows companies to manage and analyze customer interaction and data throughout the lifecycle with the aim of improving business relationship, retaining customers and driving sales growth. The solution has the workflow capabilities to automate the processes for marketing, sales force, contact management and customer interactions. The solution can be customized to compile information on customers across different channels (company's website, telephone mail etc) and to provide detailed information on customers' personal information, purchase history and etc.

Sales Automation

Our Sales Automation is a Framework which is specifically designed for FMCG and CPG based industries and can be customized to specific needs. The solution allows for complete automation of Sales and Sales Force using workflows and documentation at each stages. The solution automates the complete tasks of sales, contact management, information sharing, pipeline building, sales follow-up, order processing and tracking, customer management and etc. The solution provides for interface for sales manager to perform sales forecast analysis and employee performance management. The solutions is part of our CRM module, however it can be customized to integrate with any backend enterprise application.

Sales Incentive Management

Our Sales Incentive Management Framework is specially designed and available for FMCG and CPG based industry with multiple sales channel spread across various territories, regions and sales outlets. The solution is highly customizable to meet the specific requirement. The solution automates the mammoth task of capturing sales data across various dimensions and automate the entire sales and payroll processes between the headquarters and the regional offices. It automates the computation of commissions and incentive plans based on employee roles, tenure, sales type, location and etc. Salespeople can view their quotas and progress, and management can generate analytical reports to gain high level insights into sales force performance.