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Geo Fence Concept

Application Features

Geo-fencing & Location

Automatically clock-in and clock-out and track the user’s location through Geo-fencing.

Attendance Management

To calculate the exact time worked by accurately recording the time each employee arrives and leaves and/or takes breaks.

Leave management

Check, apply, approve leaves online reduces errors, time and valuable resources.

Team management

Managers can keep a tab on employees’ statuses, team members benefit with transparency of information.


Keep the team-mates well informed and closely knit in an organisation.

Tasks Management

Generate tasks and share within groups increases productivity and reduces dependancy.

comprehensive Report Generation

Calculated judgement of the time based performances and timesheets for individual employees.

Live Feeds

Updates on team member’s availability helps in proper judgement of work delegation and utilization.

Know who is around

Working together, knowing who is available has a huge impact on daily performances and decision making.

Multi – Lingual support

No barriers in language,easy to interact with.

Clock-In and Clock-out

The app provides for clock-in and clock-out at the home page.One may see the total duration of hours clocked in so far, as well as total duration after clocking out at the end of the working day.There is also provision to check and edit one’s own profile and activities history.The geographic location is also available.

Live Feeds

The feed feature allows all team members to be updated about the other team member’s availability such as Work from Home, Leave status, Expected time of arrival, any new tasks assigned to team members or even any generic messages/comments that need to be conveyed across the team.


This feature allows to check the status of team/department members, ie, who has clocked-in, when, from where (Geo-location), who is on leave or work-from-home. It also gives a count of total clock-ins, clock-outs and on-leaves for the day.


This feature provides access between team members and their leads to assign and share tasks with each other.It is a platform for interaction between individuals of teams and departments only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any company or an organisation can use this system to track their employee’s clock-in / clock-out time. As an organisation, they will need to sign up with Presence to use this application.
Currently we support Android (6.0+) and IOS (8+) devices only.
The admin can create multiple geo-locations for a user from which a user can clock-in/clock-out his/her attendance. Also, the system can be set to allow to clock-in / clock-out only from the allowed geo-locations for particular users explicitly. If that is the case the particular user will not be able to clock-in / clock-out from any other location but from his authorised locations only. Whenever a user is near his/her geo-fence location the app will notify the user to clock-in the app. The app will also notify to clock-out when he/she is going out of the geo-fence area.
Yes, a user can apply for leave using leave request functionality, wherein a user can request for leave for a certain period specifying his reason for the same. This request will go to his reporting manager for the approval after which the leave can be approved or rejected by specifying the reason.
Yes, a user can apply for “Work from Home” using WFH request functionality. Here a user can request for WFH for a certain period specifying his reason for the same. This request will go to his reporting manager for approval after which the WFH can be approved or rejected by specifying the reason. Once this is approved, your team member will be able to see your status as “Work from Home” for the specified and approved dates. However, you must continue to Clock In and Clock Out so that your work hours can be appropriately tracked.
The app has a tab named ‘teams’ where in he can check whether his subordinates have clocked – in or not, whether they are working from home(WFH) , on-leave, their location, clocked-in time, number of hours worked etc.
Yes, a manager will be able to see and generate the daily, weekly and monthly timesheets of his subordinates.
This app has a simple task management system where any team member can create a task and assign the same to his team members or self. The entire task will be visible under “Task” tab and can be tracked using their status.
Yes, an employee will be able to change the device on his own. From the App (current device), in the side menu, he can click on Reset Device. This would reset the device details for the user in the backend. Now he can Register in from another device using the same email id and normal registration flow. If prompted with User Id already in use. Then skip to Pin validation and use the previous PIN. Alternately he/she would need to send a request to reset their setting so, that they can start using this app from another device. When an employee logins into this app, system will capture the IMEI / UUID of the device and locks this user to this device.
The app will track the location of the employee only when he/she will clock-in / clock-out from the app for the veracity of location from which he/she is Clocking In/Clocking out. Otherwise, the app will not track the real-time location of any employee to ensure his privacy is not violated.
Employee will not be able to clock-in/clock-out if he doesn’t have internet connection on his device. Employee will be able to clock-in / clock-out only if the device is connected to the internet and the GPS is in enabled mode.
Coming soon.
No only the reporting manager can see the team members actual location (on a map). However, a descriptive location will be provided in the member’s screen to know the employee’s whereabouts for the last Clock In / Clock Out for the day.
When you register the device, only your primary location is set by the App. If the admin has updated your secondary location, you will need to reset your location data. In the side menu under “Locations” check the list of approved locations. If this is empty, contact the Administrator to set the locations. Then go to the side menu and in “Device Sync” make sure that the “Fetching Location” and “Setting Geofence” are synced. If you see a cross, click on “Try Reload” link on the page. This will flush out your existing location and re fetch the location from the server once again. Now go back to your “Locations” on the side nav and make sure the locations are reflected here.

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