Legal Information Management.

Legal Information Solutions Products

Complete set of legal framework to automate the Legal Management for an enterprise or law firm.

Intellectual Property Management

The Intellectual Property Management Framework is part of our Legal Information System but this is specifically meant for the Intellectual Property Management like copyright, trademarks and etc. within corporates. The solution enables smooth patent and trademark management, docketing and as well as accurate data retrieval and reporting; thereby allowing efficient management of intellectual assets. The system uses strong document management and workflow automation allowing various department to collaborate towards filing for IP rights and then managing these IP assets with alerts for expiry, filing for IP violations, managing legal cases and etc. The solution broadly consists of three modules i.e. IP Record Keeping, Docketing and Diary Keeping and Trademark Management.

Legal Document Management

The Legal Database Management is a part of our Legal Information Framework, however this is specifically designed to efficiently management all the files related to Legal Department including information of all the stakeholder with whom a corporate is entering into agreement. The solutions allow various department including legal to raise request along with document for entering into legal contracts with supplier, customers or any IP related filing. The request is then routed through a workflow engine allowing various stakeholder to collaborate for approval. After approval the legal document is archived into the legal database with complete Case History. The solutions also handled in-house legal contract requirement with employees like NDA, Corporate Gifts policies and etc.

Legal Information/Compliance Management

This is a standalone version of our SharePoint based Legal Information System is Framework and is meant for automating the complete legal information management for corporates who are signing huge amount of legal agreement of various categories. This solution can help automate the complete agreement, contracts, NDA, trademarks, copyrights and etc being signed by various departments. It also covers the corporate law requirement like Power of Attorney, PFA, Bank Authorization and etc. The Solution is completely workflow enabled with document management capability allowing user across the department to initiate any legal document and then routing it through various manager and legal department for approvals.