Business Process Management Solutions Products

Our BPM Products and Framework are developed on world leading BPM Platform and can be quickly customized as per requirement.

HR Onboarding and Off Boarding

This is part of our HRMS Framework and available as separate module which can be customized to meet the exact requirement of any organization. The solution ensures that complete onboarding and off-boarding process is completely documented in compliance with regulatory requirement with the processes automated with workflows. The solution automates the onboarding process right from requirement, resume management, hiring and then onboarding with profile capturing, fulfilling all the regulatory requirement, dynamically roles based provisioning of workers for rights access, apps, services and asset allocation. Off-boarding allows for complete documentation, de-provisioning of access, recovery of assets and full and final settlement.

Leave and Expense Management

This is a module within our HRMS system and can be implemented separately and customized fully to meet any specific requirements. This can be hosted on employee self-service portal and provides a hassle-free way to collect, review and approve expenses as well as leave request. The complete process is workflow enabled allowing manager as well as individual to track the requests. The solution allows all expenses to be managed from a central location; enabling organization to to reimburse employees, monitor project costs, bill clients, and optimize spending.

Purchase Management

This is a part of the Vendor Management Module and can be implemented separately. The Framework has solid workflow capabilities for each processes allowing completely electronic purchase and expense approvals replacing pen-and-paper and ad-hoc processes. The workflow processes allow the entire procure-to-pay processes to be automated with capabilities to process requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and payments in a single solution. The solution can be further customized to a complete e-procurement/e-tendering system bringing suppliers and internal employees on a one common platform. We can also further customize the solution to make it enabled on multiple devices i.e. desktop, mobile and tablets.

Trade Promotion Management

This is a complete Workflow based framework and provides you with a platform which can be completely customized to fit the processes in your organization. The solution allows you to Plan, execute, settle and analyze retail programs targeted at consumers. It helps the staff at various locations to initiate any trade promotion related spends including discount request and track its status online. The solution is specifically target for Food and Beverages industry allowing for creation, administration and analyses of contract with distributors and operators. Various types of BI and MIS reports can be developed to measure product and customer profitability and promotion effectiveness.

Vendor Management

This is a complete BPM enabled framework available on top of SharePoint or any other BPM engine. The solution is flexible and can be customized to meet the complete end-to-end Vendor Management requirement of any corporates. There is a centralized portal to enroll suppliers, manage reviews of work performed, address non-compliances, process invoices and more. There are number of features designed to automate the process for managing contingent workforce of contactor, independent, part-time and hourly employees. The Procurement system can be customized to evolve a complete e-procurement or e-tending.