Telecom Solutions

Providing Low Cost and High Quality Telecom Solutions that fills functionality gaps from existing applications.

Telecom Solutions

In the dynamic landscape today, telecommunication services industry is facing challenges from the market to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Service providers are looking at breakthrough technological solutions to establish their brands as the best in the market and at the same time tailor their systems to support and launch new services across multiple channels of communication. With increasing competition, the telecom service provider has to react very fast in changing their business models which in turn requires constantly reviewing and modifying their IT application to react to changing business scenarios. This often leads to many gaps in the packaged application deployed with the telecom services providers which is not able to address the needs.

COMM-IT focusses in addressing the gaps in the existing applications deployed at telecom services providers and develops application, integration API’s and providing consultancy to overcome these gaps.

We specialize in providing a low cost and high quality solutions and custom application development to meet and address the fast changing requirement of telecom service providers. Our offerings include robust operational support solutions (OSS) and Business support systems (BSS) provides solutions which streamline business processes, increases efficiency and improves relationship with customers.

Telecom Offerings

Value Added Service

Constantly shifting consumer preferences and cut throat competition dictates rapid deployment of killer applications with the least TCO & quickest ROI. COMM-IT partners with few emerging service providers to boost communication capabilities for their subscribers. With Offerings like next generation SMS, IVR and Mobile music we are helping our clients to connect better with their customers.

Telecom Revenue Assurance Solutions

Our Telecom Revenue Assurance Framework is for Premium Rates Services (PRS) by telecom operators under revenue sharing model with partners and includes Chat Lines, Horoscope, Toll Free numbers and etc. The solution addresses the complete revenue chains and integrate with the core billing framework to ensure that all PRS calls invoiced by partners are realized from the end customers.

Customized Billing Solutions

Our Telecom Billing Framework is for specific and specialized billing requirement with flexible rating engines, business rules configuration and business process automation, event and usage data collection, event-based billing, bill rendering, and web-based presentment. These requirements can be group billing for corporates, specific billing for large corporates with customized plans, customized billing for subsides government and educational customers and etc.

Mobile Applications for Telecom

The number of internet user from Mobile phone has far surpassed the user from web browser on PC and hence mobile enablement of the services telecom offering for customers is paramount for success in the market. COMM-IT helps in building mobile application which brings the telecom services offering on the mobile devices (iOS, Android or Windows Phone).

Customer Care Telecom Portal

Our Self Care Telecom Portal is available as Framework and can be customized as per requirement allowing telecom operator’s to take all their services offering online. The solution is SOA architecture based for easy integration with back end system and there is complete back end support system with call center interface allowing efficient handling of all the request.

Telecom Application Development

COMM-IT fills in the gaps from packaged telecom software’s by custom developing application to meet the requirement which includes security application, middle ware, payment application, custom help desk and CRM development and etc. Our greatest strength lies in our deep understanding of the telecom space to not only custom develop application but also to integrate this with existing applications.