Microsoft SharePoint Managed Services

Successfully Delivering Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint from the very First Release SharePoint 2001 to the Latest SharePoint release

Microsoft SharePoint Managed Services

COMM-IT has been successfully delivering Managed services for SharePoint platform to efficiently manage and control the functions of SharePoint and increase its productivity. We have been part of the SharePoint evolution history right from its birth i.e. SharePoint 2001, delivering solution on each and every releases. Hence with us you are completely secured with Managing your complete SharePoint services requirement and You are covered no matter what level of SharePoint you are in.

Managed services are complimentary to users of SharePoint using SharePoint tools and custom applications. By undertaking SharePoint managed services an organization enjoys following benefits:

  • Such managed services aid in providing security of data with backup and storage.
  • Enhances functioning of SharePoint software and its management.
  • Helps in configuration of user profiles based on their authority of access to data and permissions
  • Administrator privileges are easily managed through such services for respective applications.
  • These managed services include ongoing customization and modification to suit organizational needs as well as include content migration.
  • Status of data can be easily monitored using such allied services
  • Managed services helps in setting timer for job status thus manages, control and boost productivity

SharePoint Managed services are auxiliary services that enhance managing SharePoint services. They supplement in audit trails and enhance productivity of employees. Manage your SharePoint software for efficient and well organized working system that is result oriented as well as provides enriching work experience.


  • More than a decade of experience in implementing SharePoint projects.
  • Vast SharePoint Implementation Customer Base which includes MNC’s and Some Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Experience and proven track record in Managed Services for Microsoft SharePoint Solutions.
  • More than 30 solutions implementation on SharePoint for different industry verticals.
  • Resource pool of Domain experts, SharePoint Consultants, SharePoint Helpdesk, .Net Developers for SharePoint apps and Microsoft Office 365 Experts.
  • Pre-build Frameworks and ready to use integration tools and Solutions for SharePoint.
  • Market tested approach to SharePoint and Managed Services Microsoft SharePoint Cloud Deployment.
  • Microsoft Certified Partner on SharePoint and Collaboration.

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