Custom Application Development

With more than a decade of Experience in Custom Application Development, we bring in strong technology skills set with rich functional domain expertise.

Custom Application Development Services

Often the available applications from the Shelf do not fit into your present business processes and requirements. At COMM-It we bridge this gap by developing the custom application tailored to meet your needs which help you to adapt to the rapid technology advancements and evolving business processes. Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users within an organization. Such software is designed to address their needs precisely as opposed to the more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software.

Today as a decision maker, you demand the maximum ROI from your investments from your IT spending. Moreover, the application should be scalable to meet your future requirements and be flexible to sustain the changing business processes. At COMM-IT we work very closely with our customers to fill in the gaps which are not met by off-the-shelf software and develop a customized application that provides strategic benefits and advantages. Our Custom Application Development services provides full life-cycle application management which includes custom application development, application enhancement, enterprise application integration and post go live application maintenance and support.

We have a highly flexible engagement model which allows you to evaluate your approach towards custom application development and management and use our services in fixed-delivery model project, strategic staffing, complete outsourcing or as a managed service.

Our Custom Application development mainly comprises of:

  • Web Portal and Application: building rich and scalable web applications using ASP .NET, AJAX, LINQ and Silverlight. We specialist in n-tier application architecture using model-view-controller (ASP .NET MVC) to build application which can be deployed on multiple devices (desktop, mobile, notepads).
  • Desktop and Integration: we specialize in Utility Apps, Web Services Integration layers, Windows Services, Data Connection and Integration utilities and building middle-ware for business application.
  • Kiosk/ATM and Touch Screens Solution: we have deep expertise in building application, developing integration utility with back end software and payment process integration for Kiosk, ATM screens and other kinds of LED touch screen and devices.

Technology Expertise

At COMM-IT we bring in strong technology skills set with functional domain expertise and have been offering our custom application development for more than a decade now. Some of the known multinational companies with some of them being Fortune 500 companies have been our customers for Custom Development Services:

Delivery Medium

Comprehensive Service Range

With highly diversified IT services offering we can be your perfect partner right from sourcing your IT infrastructure (hardware and software), building your complete IT infrastructure (on premise or on cloud), developing application as per your requirement and then providing post implementation support. With such diversified offering you get a single window to efficiently management your complete IT requirement.

Microsoft Cloud Licensing

Our Microsoft Azure licensing services we can create a complete IT infrastructure comprising of software and hardware with pay-as-you-growbasis wherein you only pay for what you need thereby reducing the cost significantly. You can have a fast deployment without any worry about underlying platform and only focus on moving into cloud and have 99.9% uptime guaranteealong with scaling up on demand as your business grows.

O365 Licensing and Implementation

Office 365 has varied offerings and our IT consultants have the knowledge to work closely with you and identify the right package which is suitable for your business. We can assess your business, your requirement and usage patterns and then implement the right O365 which is powerful and relevant. Our support team can take care of all your issues for Office 365 on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.


We can help you to ensure that your Microsoft software is compliant at all times and that you are ready for a Microsoft licensing audit and thereby significantly reduce the impact and cost of such an audit. We can assess the suitability of software licensing to meet your IT strategy and projects requirement and identify if they would create budget or compliance issues.

Maximize Investment

Our Licensing Assessment and audit can help identify where license efficiencies and saving can be made and how compliance issues can be resolved thereby helping you maximize returns on your investments. By identifying your exact requirement and with Microsoft Volume Licensing you can access the software that is most important to you, and your business from multiple devices anywhere, at any time.

Development and Implementation

We bring in strong Microsoft based technology skills set with functional domain expertise to provide you with full life-cycle application management which includes custom application development, application enhancement, enterprise application integration and post go live application maintenance and support. Our services include Web Portal and Web Application, Desktop and Integration and KIOSK and touch screen based solution development.

Installation Support

COMM-IT has certified resources across various Microsoft Product to undertake installation and support of your Microsoft Software which includes desktop based to enterprise servers like Exchange, SharePoint Portal, SQL Servers and etc. Our Professional Services team will provide a Post Installation Summary report documenting the implementation details and configuration parameters and also provide post installation support.

Microsoft Licensing Audit

Our Microsoft License audit services can help you understand and alleviate the challenges and risk that a Microsoft Audit creates and stay compliant at all times. Our Licensing Analysis services provides you with assessment of your current licensing contracts and licensing position, optimize on-going software costs, deliver license efficiency and save money.

Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Certified, COMM-IT MIDDLE EAST LLC has a right mix of Microsoft Licensing Sales Experts (MLSE) and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) who can help organizations whether small, medium or enterprise to effectively plan the licensing requirement across all the Microsoft Products whether it be desktops, server platforms or clouds based licensing.

Exchange and Outlook Customizations

Our Exchange and Outlook Customization services are aimed at developing custom applications which uses existing features to build on their capabilitiesand are in the form of add-ins or separate application which interface with Exchange and Outlook. For example, customization to integrate with custom line-of-business application, custom mail routing based on business rules, performing additional operations when users perform a specific action (e.g. sending a message, creating a calendar appointment, etc.)

Exchange Managed Services

Our Exchange Managed Services helps complements your internal IT team by taking over the complete support for your Exchange and free up your resources for another task. We provide full time dedicated or part time need basis support which are delivered either onsite or through remote mode. We can assume complete responsibility for proactively monitoring, backup, ongoing upgrades, mail archiving, managing, troubleshooting and supporting your Exchange environment to ensure that you are able to work efficiently without disruption.

O365 Exchange Online Implementation

Our Exchange O365 Exchange Online services (planning, designing, licensing consulting to implementing) helps you to implement new or migrate your on-premises Exchange Server to Office 365 Exchange Online. You also get the advantage of full Office suite as well as Lync web conferencing and collaboration tools, personal storage, malware protection and spam filtering. This enables you to stay connected even on the go – from desk to your mobile phone. Your email, contacts and calendar are synced with access across all devices and computers.

Exchange and SharePoint Integration

With our Exchange and SharePoint integration we help implement a Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) platform with Exchange providing for communication and SharePoint providing collaboration. With Site Mailboxes you can access SharePoint document and Exchange email using the same client interface. Incoming email configuration will allow users to send message directly to email enabled lists and library and do away with Public Folders. While with outgoing email configuration will allow the tracking of items (lists, libraries and document) and generate Alerts.

Exchange Upgrades Services

Our Exchange Upgrade Services helps you to upgrade from legacy old version of Exchange to the latest version to take advantage of Unified Communication Platform – e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging and much more –delivered on Web Browser, Mobile or tablet devices. we adopt a process oriented approach to understand all issues prior to large scale upgrades and ensure disruption free upgrades. The newly upgrade environment can be hosted On Premise, On Cloud (Azure, Amazon) or we can take you to O365 environment.

Exchange Migration Services

We adopt a process-oriented approach which is guided by Microsoft Operation Framework (MOF) to undertake the task of Exchange Migration and Consolidation. We follow a planned and stage wise approach involving Pre-Migration Assessment, Scoping, Provisioning, Migration Preparation, Migration, Finalization and then Transfer and Training. Our services include Migration from Old Exchange version or from other email solution to the latest Exchange Version which can be hosted On-Premise, On-Cloud (Amazon, Azure etc) or Migrating to Office 365 Environment.

Hybrid Mode Exchange Implementation

Our Hybrid Exchange Server Deployment model offers a configuration wherein some mailboxes are hosted in an on-premises Exchange and some user mailboxes are hosted in Exchange Online. With the Hybrid deployment you can get the ability to extend feature-rich experience and administrative controlwhich you have with your existing on-premises Exchange Organization to the cloud. With Hybrid deployment you get features likes secure mail transport, shared calendar and message tracking between on-premises and Exchange Online organizations.

On Cloud Exchange Implementation

We can do the complete planning, designing, implementing and migrating your mail boxes and help setup your Exchange Server over your own private cloud or on Public Cloud (Amazon or Azure) or help you migrate to O365 Exchange Online. This provides you with a powerful collaboration tool helping you manage your contacts, calendars, tasks and email whether you are at your desk or on the go and make it available on all devices (Desktop, Mobile or Notepads).

On Premise Exchange Implementation

We can undertake complete end-to-end requirement for your On Premise based Microsoft Exchange Server and these includes analyzing and defining the requirement, hardware and software sizing, sourcing of hardware and software licenses, logical and physical Exchange Server Architecture Design, installation and configuration. Our team would carefully apply all Hot Fixes and Microsoft Service Packs and configure all security software’s. We can also setup email for your multifunction printers, notification for applications, communication to receive faxes through email and much more.

Azure SQL Server Services

Our Azure SQL Services comprises of migration or building new database driven application on hosted Relational Database Services on Azure Cloud Platform which is both scalable and easy to manage. We use Azure Data Factory which is a Microsoft cloud-based data integration service to orchestrate and automate the process of ingesting, preparing, transforming and analyzing data. We can help you choose the best option for cloud-based hosting of SQL which include Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

SQL Server Upgrade Services

Our Upgrades Services comprises of Legacy Version Upgrades, Service Pack Update, Database Conversion Services and Platform Migration. Our Legacy Version Update comprises of upgrade from End of Life Version to latest SQL Server version. Under Service Pack Upgrade involves applying new services packs. Our Database Conversion Services involves migrating databases from legacy or another database like Oracle to SQL Server. Under Platform Migration we undertake complete (hardware and OS) migration from server to another (physical or Virtual Machine).

SQL Server Programming Services

We provide a three pronged SQL Programming Services which includes; Define (defining business needs), Design (architecting Database solutions) and Develop (develop high performance SQL Server application). Our Programming Services include Data Modelling and Indexing, Relational Object Development (Creating Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, DTS packages), XML Object Development, programming to restrict SQL Injection and Cross-Side Scripting and BI Development (Integration, Reporting Services and etc) and hosting your SQL Server Database Driven Web Application.

Database Management Services

We provide full-time or part time DBA who can help keep your databases functionality running smoothly. Our Database Administration services comprises of SQL Server Capacity Planning, Installation, monitoring and alerting, backup and restore, patching and upgrades and etc. Through Performance Tuning we can determines is issues are from Database design, indexes, T-SQL, SQL Server Configuration or anywhere else. Unlike Managed Services, these are short term services offered on demand.

SharePoint BI Development

We specialize in customizing and implementing SharePoint BI using BI tools available from Microsoft which includes Excel, Excel Services in SharePoint, PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint, Visio Services in SharePoint, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Web Parts. SharePoint provides Business Intelligence Center, a pre-built Web Site or site template; we can customize the BI Center as per your requirement to implement BI reporting, scorecards, dashboards, data connections and etc.

Managed SQL Services

We have specialized and certified Database Administrators (DBA) who can provide comprehensive on-site or remote managed services for your Microsoft SQL Server Environment to ensure highest level of information availability. We have a highly simplified SQL server monitoring and management program to increase performance, decrease cost and ensure maximum uptime. Our SQL Managed services includes Database Maintenance, Tuning, Security Administration and Upgrades and Patching.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

We use SSIS to implement an information management foundation which can deliver integrated, accurate and timely data across your organization. SSIS provides Extract-Load-Transform (ETL) capabilities to collect data from multiple sources and structure them for specific requirement of BI, data warehouse, data migration and master data management. Our SSIS services includes data integration from multiple, heterogeneous sources; data cleansing; master & metadata data management; management of information throughout its lifecycle to enhance compliance.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

We use the robust platform provided by SSRS to create and deploy online reports that empower our customer to make effective and informed decision delivered in a format which is meaningful to them. We can deploy the SSRS reports through both native and as well as using SharePoint. The reports comprise of Paginated Reports, Interactive Reports (built with Power BI Desktop and run in SSRS and Power BI Web), Mobile Reports and Analytical Reports and Charts.

SQL Server Analytic Services (SSAS)

We use SSAS to perform analytical processing (OLAP) of your data from disparate data sources using data cube platform which is built into SQL Server thereby making it possible for you to organize and structure your data for dimensional analysis. We use common tools such as Excel, Microsoft Pivot and SSRS to perform data analysis on SSAS Cubes developed by us. We can also develop tools to prepare and populate data that drives the SSAS system.

Cloud DR & Backup

To ensure Business Continuity the ability of an organization to restore any and/or all IT operations in the event of a disaster is of paramount importance. This coupled with increasing demand for IT capabilities and cost pressures; the option to extend DR strategy to Public Cloud is compelling. COMM-IT helps you to take that leap on Cloud.

Cloud Migration Services

Moving your application to the cloud is most definitely an IT strategy, you may choose a private cloud over public cloud given the nature and regulatory sensitivity of your data. COMM-IT help you to Analyze the complete requirement, plan your cloud strategy, undertake any customization requirement for migration and help you make smooth migration of your application to Cloud.

Integrated development

Microsoft Provides a world-class development experience through it Azure SKD which is integrated seamlessly with Visual Studio. This can be used to build and deploy cloud application using any language including .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python or Ruby. COMM-IT uses this Integrated Platform to build and then test your application using Azure Emulator before deploying application on Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is your favorite Office on the cloud allowing you to create, edit, and share your document form your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android or Windows device in real time mode. Our O365 services helps you to plan, implement and Manage Office 365 using a well-designed program which is best suited for your organizational needs.

Azure Integration Services

Our Microsoft Azure helps you in seamlessly integration your existing application, data and processes over Microsoft Azure by building an API enabled connected enterprises. We use Microsoft Azure cloud-base service and other tools as a single service to build and consume API and business process automation for mobile and web apps which can run on any platform and any device.

Mobile Apps Development

Our Mobile App Development services is based on Microsoft Xamarin and uses Mobile Apps features of Azure App Service to rapidly build engaging cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Using Azure, our Mobile Apps can store app data in the Azure Cloud or on premise; authenticate users; send push notifications or add any custom backend logic in C# or Node.js.

Web Apps Development

Our Web App Services uses Azure App services to rapidly build, deploy and manage powerful website and web apps which can be delivered over both Web and Mobile devices using a single back end. We use our favorite Visual Studio IDE – .NET, Node.js, Web API, REST API, JSON, ASP .NET MVC and etc to build web apps that are agile and easily scale on demand.

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange

Microsoft O365 Exchange gives you the option of placing your email in the cloud thereby instantly making your entire work force available anytime, anywhere and on any device. You can get Global Access List of contacts and a single Outlook profile and Active Directory as the authoritative authentication source for all Office 365 services.

Microsoft O365 SharePoint

With O365 SharePoint you can create sites to share document and information with customers and colleagues, keep team in sync and manage tasks and projects, run your company Intranet to keep everyone up to date on company information. With our O365 SharePoint Services, you can move certain workloads to the cloud and still retain some workloads on-premises.

Cloud Integration

Our Cloud Integration Services are based on Microsoft Azure and is aimed at provision new apps or mobile services on-demand and scale up dynamically on demand. We can you in seamlessly integrating your existing application, data and processes over Microsoft Azure by building an API enabled connected enterprises. We use Microsoft Azure cloud-base service and other tools as a single service to build and consume API and business process automation for cross-platform mobile apps build using Xamarin which can run on any platform and any device.

Mobile App Support Services

Our Mobile app support services is aimed at increasing the lifespan of your app and help keep your app up to date with industry requirement and in line with what your customer or target audience needs. Our services can ensure that your app is updated with new functionality, features and graphics as required. Our support services cover database management, regulatory changes, enhancements, major upgrades and additions, corrective maintenance, security updates and business support.

Mobile App Testing

Our Mobile app testing services are aimed at identifying whether and to what extent the application meets the expectation. Our testing services covers usability testing, performance, interaction with the backend system, the API that provides data to the app, the variety of devices, security and etc. With Xamarin as core capability we can use Xamarin Test Cloud to mobile app testing including automated test to do UI Acceptance Testing of mobile apps in the cloud across multiple devices.

Tablet App Development

We offer comprehensive customized tablet application creation covering every stage of the process; idea development, design and Wireframing, development, testing and launch, marketing and support. We have great skills and expertise in creating high performance and feature packed native tablet application for major platforms which are iOS(iPad), Android and Windows Tablets. Besides native tablets apps; our expertise in HTML5 development can be utilized to build cross-platform tablet application which works on any device or platform.

Xamarin Cross Platform

Besides specializing in traditional approach of using iOS, Android and Windows Platform for native app; COMM-IT is among the early starters for using Microsoft Xamarin for building cross-platform native application. We use Visual Studio IDE which provides language projection of the native platform libraries (Adroid or iOS). We have expertise in using Xamarin.Forms, C#, LINQ along with Web API, REST API, JSON, ASP .NET MVC and etc to create an enterprise scale cross-platform native application for mobile devices.

Native Mobile Development

We have strong expertise in developing native mobile apps designed for the platform they will be hosted on. We have specialized resources in the language specific to operating system: Java for Android, Swift or Objective C for iOS devices and C# for Windows Phone. Our native app provides you with the best performance in terms of speed and ability to use the platform’s full features and comes with the flexibility in terms of problem solving by using the entire native SDK.

Mobile Web Development

Our Mobile Web Developer team comprises of qualified UI/UX designers, visual engineers and software developers who can create custom responsive and adaptive web design which will make your website/application work seamlessly on any device. We have deep expertise in HTML5 mobile development technologies as well as CSS3, JavaScript, Responsive Web and Mobile First design approaches and ASP .NET mobile web development to ensure accessibility by most mobile platform and devices through cross-platform mobile development.

Mobile User Interface Design

With first impression being the last impression; user interface design for your mobile application defines the success and we take that experience to the next level by coupling great UI/UX with high performance throughout the application. With the combination of technology expertise and UI/UX designing capability we can build product demos, walk-throughs, wireframes and embed brand experience enabling you to have an overview of your mobile application before being released.

Microsoft Azure Integration

Our Microsoft Azure helps you in seamlessly integration your existing application, data and processes over Microsoft Azure by building an API enabled connected enterprises. We use Microsoft Azure cloud-base service and other tools as a single service to build and consume API and business process automation for mobile and web apps which can run on any platform and any device.

Mobile Integration

Our Mobile Services Integration can transform your existing web application and make them mobile enabled. Our services are based on Microsoft Xamarin platform. We can use ASP .NET to power native mobile apps with a Web API backend and for building native mobile app we create a JSAON-based Web API to handle data access, authentication, and push notification for your app.

Web Integration

Our Web Integration services are aimed at building an Enterprise Application Integration platform to integrate variety of on-premise legacy web application and data or any third-party applications.  We mostly use Microsoft Platform which includes SOAP Web Service, Web API, REST API, JSON, ASP .NET MVC and etc. to build a services orchestration layer over which various application can be integrated.

Social Commerce

Social Media is a subset of eCommerce involving the use of Social Networks in the content of e-commerce transaction. You can integrate your e-commerce store into the social media profile which will enable your customers to connect with your business instantly through the natural flow of their internet habits thereby creating seamless buying experience.

Social Integration

Social Media has become a critical component for online strategies thereby making integration of your website with social media a must have and critical for survival. We help integrate social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google into your website to distribute information, drive traffic and create dialogue with demographic groups of interest.

E-Commerce Development

Our e-commerce services cover the whole lifespan of  the products on your website which start from building your website, e-commerce enablement, drawing visitors from search engine, converting visitors to customer and ensuring timely and quality delivery. We work across several web technologies and proven commerce frameworks like Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart, UberCart, CSCart, Shopify and others.

Information and Product Portal

We undertake complete end-to-end information and product portal development which are mobile ready and on Microsoft Technologies like ASP .NET MVC, SharePoint, Xamarin and etc. Whether it is e-governance, consumer product, HR portal, Job Portal, Telecom Services products, e-procurement portal; we can help you make an effective transition to the web and e-commerce.

Custom Web Application

We Offer a full range of Web Development and Web Integration services to undertake a custom web application development which is fully responsive and available on all devices. We pick up the right technology mix that works best for you which includes SOA, XML, C#, .NET, ASP .NET MVC, HTML5 and CSS, JASON-based Web API and etc.

Responsive Web Design

We have a rich pool to UI/UX resources having branding expertise, to undertake a highly customized responsive web development solution based on Mobile First concept. Our Responsive Web Design responds to the needs of the user and the devices they are using wherein the layout changes based on the size and capabilities of the device.

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