Microsoft Exchange Services

Creating a Powerful and Streamlined Messaging Infrastructure to improve Communication and Collaboration.

Microsoft Exchange Services

Our Microsoft Exchange Services are designed to build a Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) Platform which provides a rich end-user experience with unified communication which includes Email, Voice Mail, Instant Messaging and as well as Calendaring, Task Management and Contact Management. With Skilled and Experience on almost all the Microsoft Platform and backed by our IT Infrastructure Team we can undertake implementation of end-to-end messaging and collaboration platform by analyzing and defining your requirement, hardware and software sizing, sourcing of hardware and software licenses, logical and physical Exchange Server Architecture Design, installation and configuration. Whether it is new Exchange Implementation or migrating to Exchange over on premise, on cloud or Office 365 Exchange Online; you can rest assured that with us you are completely covered.

With our strong expertise on SharePoint spanning right from the first SharePoint 2001 release to the latest one; we can integrate Microsoft Exchange with SharePoint in a way which brings the best features of use for both Exchange and SharePoint. This helps build Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) platform with Exchange providing for communication and SharePoint providing collaboration. With Site Mailboxes you can improve collaboration and user productivity by allowing users to access both SharePoint documents and Exchange email using the same client interface. This allows you to better leverage the strength of Exchange as an email application and SharePoint as document repository. By enabling incoming mail on lists and libraries you can offer Alerts, Enterprise Search and implement information Management policies. By integrating with Outlook you can view a calendar from SharePoint site side-by-side with an Outlook calendar, view an overlay of calendars and even copy events among the calendars.

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Exchange and Outlook Customizations

Our Exchange and Outlook Customization services are aimed at developing custom applications which uses existing features to build on their capabilitiesand are in the form of add-ins or separate application which interface with Exchange and Outlook. For example, customization to integrate with custom line-of-business application, custom mail routing based on business rules, performing additional operations when users perform a specific action (e.g. sending a message, creating a calendar appointment, etc.)

Exchange Managed Services

Our Exchange Managed Services helps complements your internal IT team by taking over the complete support for your Exchange and free up your resources for another task. We provide full time dedicated or part time need basis support which are delivered either onsite or through remote mode. We can assume complete responsibility for proactively monitoring, backup, ongoing upgrades, mail archiving, managing, troubleshooting and supporting your Exchange environment to ensure that you are able to work efficiently without disruption.

O365 Exchange Online Implementation

Our Exchange O365 Exchange Online services (planning, designing, licensing consulting to implementing) helps you to implement new or migrate your on-premises Exchange Server to Office 365 Exchange Online. You also get the advantage of full Office suite as well as Lync web conferencing and collaboration tools, personal storage, malware protection and spam filtering. This enables you to stay connected even on the go – from desk to your mobile phone. Your email, contacts and calendar are synced with access across all devices and computers.

Exchange and SharePoint Integration

With our Exchange and SharePoint integration we help implement a Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) platform with Exchange providing for communication and SharePoint providing collaboration. With Site Mailboxes you can access SharePoint document and Exchange email using the same client interface. Incoming email configuration will allow users to send message directly to email enabled lists and library and do away with Public Folders. While with outgoing email configuration will allow the tracking of items (lists, libraries and document) and generate Alerts.

Exchange Upgrades Services

Our Exchange Upgrade Services helps you to upgrade from legacy old version of Exchange to the latest version to take advantage of Unified Communication Platform – e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging and much more –delivered on Web Browser, Mobile or tablet devices. we adopt a process oriented approach to understand all issues prior to large scale upgrades and ensure disruption free upgrades. The newly upgrade environment can be hosted On Premise, On Cloud (Azure, Amazon) or we can take you to O365 environment.

Exchange Migration Services

We adopt a process-oriented approach which is guided by Microsoft Operation Framework (MOF) to undertake the task of Exchange Migration and Consolidation. We follow a planned and stage wise approach involving Pre-Migration Assessment, Scoping, Provisioning, Migration Preparation, Migration, Finalization and then Transfer and Training. Our services include Migration from Old Exchange version or from other email solution to the latest Exchange Version which can be hosted On-Premise, On-Cloud (Amazon, Azure etc) or Migrating to Office 365 Environment.

Hybrid Mode Exchange Implementation

Our Hybrid Exchange Server Deployment model offers a configuration wherein some mailboxes are hosted in an on-premises Exchange and some user mailboxes are hosted in Exchange Online. With the Hybrid deployment you can get the ability to extend feature-rich experience and administrative controlwhich you have with your existing on-premises Exchange Organization to the cloud. With Hybrid deployment you get features likes secure mail transport, shared calendar and message tracking between on-premises and Exchange Online organizations.

On Cloud Exchange Implementation

We can do the complete planning, designing, implementing and migrating your mail boxes and help setup your Exchange Server over your own private cloud or on Public Cloud (Amazon or Azure) or help you migrate to O365 Exchange Online. This provides you with a powerful collaboration tool helping you manage your contacts, calendars, tasks and email whether you are at your desk or on the go and make it available on all devices (Desktop, Mobile or Notepads).

On Premise Exchange Implementation

We can undertake complete end-to-end requirement for your On Premise based Microsoft Exchange Server and these includes analyzing and defining the requirement, hardware and software sizing, sourcing of hardware and software licenses, logical and physical Exchange Server Architecture Design, installation and configuration. Our team would carefully apply all Hot Fixes and Microsoft Service Packs and configure all security software’s. We can also setup email for your multifunction printers, notification for applications, communication to receive faxes through email and much more.


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