Digital Signage for Transportation

Our Digital Signage for Transportation is a comprehensive and integrated platform for communicating messages at airports, train and bus stop.

COMM-IT Digital Signage for Transportation

Digital Signage has today replaced the old static signage prevalent the transport industry for year; airports, train station, bus terminals and etc. Today Digital Signage is ever present in airports – from airport counters to boarding gates and to food and speciality shops across the terminals. There has also been enormous growth in deployment of Digital Signage at train and subway stations. Digital Signage is now much more than traditional arrival and departure information displays. Digital Signage is now a comprehensive and integrated platform for communicating all sort of messages at airports, train and bus stop. They are now used to communicate service disruption, broadcast emergency alerts and evacuations, guide guest and visitors on ground, carry advertisement to generate revenue, provide assistance through interactive kiosks, entertain travellers and much more.

Our Digital Signage for transportation provides a centrally manage platform which can help save time and money, increase efficiency and get your messages out to the right people in the right time and at the right place. Our Digital Signage solutions allows you to deploy a complete Advertisement Network with capability to create, manage and control advertisement campaign and change them in real time. Our solution provides real-time updates by integrating with lives news and weather feeds and our wayfinding kiosk can help visitor and travels navigate through the terminal and at the same time seek information of interest. The same solution can also be used to improve communication with employees and deliver training videos. The possibilities are simply unlimited.

COMM-IT’s Digital Signage Solutions for Transportation

Public Announcements

Public Announcements are one of the key requirement at Airport and train station and Digital Signage can help make these Announcements more efficient and effective. Our Digital Signage solutions can be used to remind people of check-in process, security procedures and other airport protocols; thereby ensuring things are running smooth and help travelers get to their gates on time. The usage of video, rotating images, and scrolling text with audio make these processes and procedures much easier for travelers to understand as they move through the airport and train stations.

Training Employees

Digital Signage platform can be used to deliver on-demand employee training videos before or after regular hours. Employees will no longer have to miss work for important policy, procedure, or new-hire training sessions. Signage can deliver training on standard operating procedure in case emergency and evacuation, health and safety training, facility cleanliness and hygiene training, visitor and travelers handling training, boarding procedures and etc. Our solution provides and centralized control for training videos to delivered on specific displays and locations as per requirement at the click of a button.

Promote Amenities

Airports and train station often house restaurants, cafes, shops, and other amenities in the premises which are one of major source of revenue. Our Digital Signage platform allows you to run promotions, offer special deals, promote tourism packages or download coupons that would encourage travelers to make purchases. This help in increasing the overall spend per customers in these facilities. You can also offer information on local hotels and restaurants in the shrouding areas and also direct people to shuttle services or other transportation options.

Visitor Service Center

Digital kiosk can be implemented to server as information and service center for guests and travelers who need answers to common queries. Through these self-service kiosks they can find information such as restroom locations, items prohibited in carry-on bags, the nearest convenience store, restaurant and many more information they need. They can also seek information regarding their boarding gates, check the status of flights, learn about local tourist attraction and etc. The possibilities are simply unlimited.

Emergency and Safety Displays

Digital Signage network can be of immense value in its application as an emergency communication tool for airport, railways and bus terminals. Emergency information can be displayed on all digital signs throughout an airport, bus and train terminals with the click of a button informing travelers of what to do and where to go. They are also equipped to broadcast important safety information in the event of an emergency. The same network can be used to information delays and cancellation of flights or trains.

Digital-Out-Of-Home – DOOH

Our Digital Signage solution can be used to implement Digital Out of Home advertising network for the airport, railways and bus terminals to reach consumers with highly targeted messages. You can show information about places to eat or shop within a terminal along with local attractions and services like Wi-Fi and cellphone services. Advertisers can customize their messages to specific location, time of the days or special event. You can also include interactive touchscreen and mobile integration using QR codes.

Ad Displays Network

Our Solution helps is provisioning of Advertisement Display Network under which various screens can be deployed at strategic location in Airport, Train and Bus station. Our Digital Signage provides you capability to create, manage and control long-term and short term advertising campaign through videos, animations and slideshows with ability in real-time to dynamically change the content. The solution allows you to create compelling visuals through video walls and interactive kiosk thereby making your Ad Display Network a major source of revenue.

Self-Check-In Kiosks

Our Self-Check-In Kiosks at the airport provides a good alternative for travelers who want to avoid the long check queues at check-in desk. Using the self-check-in kiosk passengers with electronic tickets can scan their passport, choose their seat, check-in and print their boarding pass few hours before departure as per the rules of the airlines. After completion of check, maps and direction can be loaded guiding the traveler to respective boarding gates. Passengers with luggage are directed to designated drop-off points or check-in desks.

Digital Wayfinding

Our Digital Wayfinding for Airports terminal and train station provides an interactive map display allowing travelers to visually seek directions along with relevant information of interest. They can be a great tool to visually relieve directional frustration of visitors, travelers and employee. They also act as a directory for locating boarding gates, shopping facility, restaurants and dining, restroom and etc. You can embed QR codes, customer URL, email or text, popular destination and etc. Mobile devices and Beacon technology can be integrated for wayfinding mobile experience.

Bus and Taxi Displays

Similar to Airport and Train, Digital Signage can be used to display displays timetables of buses with arrival and departure information and schedules. Screens behind driver’s seat in car and inside the bus can be used for advertisement and with GPS advertisement can be run depending upon the locations. The screens inside the car and bus can be used to provide news, announcement, promotions of local companies and other entertainment content such as TV, weather information, tourist information and etc.

Train and Subway Display

Similar to Airport, Digital Signage has a verity of usage for Train and Subway to help improve efficiency and cut cost. Similar to FIDS, Digital signage network can be used to broadcast train timetables, arrival and departure information with platform number and direction to guide travelers at the entrance and in the passageways. Dynamic advertisements on the walls of the escalator, running from top to bottom, can create magnificent visual effects and help generate revenue.

Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)

FIDS is used to informing travelers about arrivals and departures of flights. FIDS provides real-time updating and network connectivity and also helps in managing traffic flow of airports by allowing them to be placed at multiple location on route to the travelers’ terminals. You can enlarge the information displayed allowing people to see from farther away, thereby preventing large crowds gathering under LED boards. You can also use a larger screen sizes and put screens side by side displaying dynamic messages across them.

Advantage of Our Digital Signage Solutions for Transportation

Timely and Accurate Information Delivery :
  • Display train arrival times and delays at train stations with real-time update and accuracy.
  • Implement FIDS to allow real-time updates on flight information; arrival, departure and delays.
  • Display current travel conditions and weather forecasts.


Displaying more information than ever on the same screen:
  • The same display network can be used to display endless amount of information without any limitations and boundary.
  • Allows you to disseminate information faster, with more accuracy and without any limitation on numbers unlike the traditional announcement and printed boards.
  • Use the same screens to display arrival and departures, inform cancellations, communicate emergency and evacuations, guide travelers, display advertisement and simply much more.


  • GPS can be enabled with Digital Signage to provide a real time information on the current location of the vehicle. E.g. tracking of train arrivals.
  • GPS enabled signage can allow location based content e.g. in buses or train based on the location of the vehicle certain advertisement or local information can be displayed.
  • Based on location travel guide screens can display content about important landmarks or events taking place nearby.


Optimize Employee Communications :
  • Use large format displays at back office and break areas to communicate messages with your employees in a manner which is effective and efficient
  • Communicate vital information, policy and procedure changes, notices, training opportunities and interesting materials to numerous employees quickly and easily


Enhance the travelling experience:
  • Provides a Centrally Managed Platform to automatically update information, such as flight information systems, metro network systems, bus platforms etc.
  • Integrate real time information such as weather, traffic info, special announcements and/or social media.
  • Self-service check-in kiosk, to speed up the process of checking in or printing a boarding pass.


Easier Wayfinding :
  • They also act as a directory for locating boarding gates, shopping facility, restaurants and dining, restroom and etc.
  • They also act as a directory for locating boarding gates, shopping facility, restaurants and dining, restroom and etc.
  • You can embed QR codes, customer URL, email or text, popular destination and etc.


Boost Advertisement Revenue:
  • Use Digital Signage to display advertisement at location where travelers are waiting, such as: the train platform, the baggage claim area, the Airport departure hall, in the bus etc.
  • Use location based and targeted advertisement to make screen space in these terminal hubs a premium spot to advertise giving a higher potential for non-fare revenue .
  • Our Digital Signage provides you capability to create, manage and control long-term and short term advertising campaign through videos, animations and slideshows with ability in real-time to dynamically change the content.


Emergency and Evacuations:
  • Disseminate Health & Safety communications instantly within few seconds.
  • Broadcast accurate and helpful info to the travelers, visitors and employees regarding emergency evacuation in manner which fast and in the most attention-getting way possible.
  • Issue evacuation orders and other emergency procedures in great detail with easy-to-follow arrows and icons, as well as clear audio instructions.


Cost savings:
  • Eliminates the cost of producing, transporting and securing static printed signs and displays materials.
  • Reduction of operation costs by lowering the number of methods used to relay messages.
  • Reduction of on-going equipment and materials costs by eliminating outdated and no-longer required methods of communication.

Licensing Options


Primarily designed for on premise solutions that make it easy for you control and manage your network of Digital Menu Boards 100% autonomously from your premises.

Cloud or Software as A Service (SAAS):

This is a Cloud solution, giving you and your team On-Demand access to our Digital Signage Server. All your Digital Menu Boards are connected via Internet to our Digital Signage Cloud. You can login and control the Menu Boards Displays from any computer anywhere and anytime you’re online.

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