Digital Signage for Retails

Providing you with a platform to Grab Your Customer Attention and Influence their Purchasing Decision at the Point of Purchase.

COMM-IT Digital Signage for Retails

Our Digital Signage solutions for Retails gives you a platform to grab your customers attention and influence their purchasing decision at the point of purchase. It takes the retail displays and advertising to a whole new level by creating eye-catching visual desing and dynamic messages digital displays that perfectly fits the products and store design and architecture. Our network-based platform enables you to deploy highly versatile content over your existing network without the cost or complexity associated with deploying and integrating dozens of point solutions.

Digital Signage has over a period of years gone through several evolution. The early signages were more focussed on the delivering information while today Digital Signage for retails have become interactive turning into a kiosks allowing retailers to provide a higher level of customer services. Retialers are now deploying dynamic and interactive signages at their retail stores. Digital Signage can be used to compliment the current marketing and merchandising strategies and further enhance the shoppers expereicne, build loyalty and increase sales by providing relevant information to audience near the point of purchase.

Our Digital Signage for Retails helps:

  • Inspire buyers and bring your store’s design to life with an eye-catching digital display of almost any shape and size.
  • Provide platform to advertise your merchandise , specials, quick serve restaurants and upcoming events.
  • Create stand out, point of sale displays .
  • Implement wayfinding display to Give directions with efficiency.
  • multi-touch interactive kiosk.

Our Retail Signage Solutions

Advanced Analytics

Our Advanced Retail Analytics can help you understand exactly what customer want to buy even before they do. This allows you to both change the customer message and at the same time change the message itself based on predictive analytics and predefined goals. The Retail Analytics can also be used to stream customized messages based on weather changes, environmental factors, time of the day, day of the week, season of the year or any events or national holidays.

Digital Endcap Displays

Our Digital End Caps Display use Digital Signage Platform to provide an affordable and effective approach to endcap promotions and strategies eliminating printed materials. By using large-format digital displays, you can simplify the logistics behind endcap promotions and solve many of the challenges associated with printed endcap signs, including localizing content and correcting errors on the fly. Digital End Caps can be integrated with product and pricing database to display content which are always accurate and in sync with registers.

Shelf-edge displays

With our Digital Signage Solution, we can implement a unique shelf edge screens to create a real impact with each screen displaying separate content; acting like a digital price tag and also act as a single display for a brand-stings or promotional takeovers. This gives you the capability to target your messages within inches of the product itself thereby making promotional messaging more effective. Integrating bar code scanner into the solution can allow the screen to show content of specific products selected by your customer.

Implement New Technology

Digital Signage can integrate with new technology allowing retails to engage with shopper through technology of their choice: iBeacon, RFI, QR and etc. The system allows to Scan your card or track your consumer based on iBeacon technology. Using iBeacon technology and connecting to a retailer’s app, it’s possible to detect and act on fact-based consumer profiles and purchase history for in-store customers. This can be used to offer tailored promotions and suggest complementary purchases to the shopper.

Digital Wayfinding Solutions

Digital Wayfinding for retail is one of the fastest growing digital signage applications which helps in improving customer service by helping customers easily find locations within the store, such as fitting rooms, customer assistance, or various departments. They offer an interactive map along with touch screen display to give customers an easy and virtual way to search for merchandise. Retailers can also choose to install a scanner to provide customers with an easy price checking solution.

Video Walls

Video walls show multisource contents, starting from promotional and Marketing material for information, video and picture inputs and to create changing atmospheres according to different occasions. Video Walls can hugely impact consumers purchasing decisions and are hence become a must have for the retail sectors, especially in shopping malls. High-impact and eye-catching video walls, helps attract audienceand improve effectiveness of branding; thereby resulting in greater footfall, longer dwell times, higher brand recognitions and ultimately increased sales.

Employee Training

The existing platform can be used to deliver on-demand employee training before or after regular store hours. Employees will no longer have to travel to a central location or miss work for important policy, procedure, or new-hire training sessions. Signage can deliver product demonstrations, guidance on selling strategy, and other educational material designed to improve sales and customer service effectiveness. Information from headquarters can be communicated more effectively with improved profitability and product promotions.

Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive Digital Signage put your audience in control of the information they’re getting and empower them to learn more about your organisation, explore the retail venue, discover your store’s product or simply get entertained. They can be further extended to Endless aisle kiosks a concept of using in-store kiosks to allow customers to order products which are no longer in stock or not sold in the store. The customers then have the product shipped to their homes.

Inform and Entertain Shoppers

No matter where your shoppers are in the Retail chain, such as pharmacies, groceries counters, bakeries, apparels or customer service counters; you have the opportunity to influence them. You can use the platform to provide entertainment with eye-catching videos and graphics and also to educate the shoppers on specific nutritional value and health benefits related to any foodstuffs. These display at checkout counter can be further used to reduce the perceived waiting time.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Our Digital Signage for retails provides you with a new way to deliver compelling experiences to customer and employees. You can easily extend your capabilities to meet specific marketing and merchandising goals. You can, add webcasting, video sharing, and enterprise TV to deliver interactive advertising, promotions, and product information directly to the store floor while providing access to social media—all managed from a single interface.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards provide you with the most effective medium to highlight products. Many large format retail are now housing restaurant and ready to eat and takeaway counters where Digital Menu Board can be used to effectively promote menu offerings along with products details. It can be used to promote special offers at specific time or events when people would be most interested in a given product.

Influence Purchasing Decision

Our Digital Signage provides you with a platform to improve advertising, merchandising and promotional effectiveness by delivering content direct at the point where customer make purchase decisions. Whether displaying new product, broadcasting an in-store event or in a checkout counters, Our Digital Signage for Retails helps you deliver content and rich media to intended audiences at the right time and at the right place.

Advantage of Our Digital Signage Solutions for Retails

  • Influence Consumer Behaviour: Digital Signage Provide a platform to deliver right messages at the right time and at the right place to influence consumer behaviour. Use of eye-catching video, graphics and animated text can help gain interest of shoppers.
  • Content Management: Digital Signage provides you with complete control your content creation and management and allows you automatically change offerings by location on an unlimited number of devices and screens.
  • Generate Advertising Revenue: Digital Signage Displays can be sold to third party vendors to display and advertise their products there generating additional revenue from advertisements.
  • Implement Wayfinding:Improving customer service by helping customers easily find locations within the store, such as fitting rooms, customer assistance, or various departments.
  • Customer Teasers: implement customer teaser and interactive contents to promote products and engage with your customer in an entirely new way over existing Digital Signage Platform.
  • Reduce Perceived Waiting Time:Use digital signage to entertain customer waiting in queue and reduce the perceived waiting time.
  • Self-Service Kiosks:with self-service kiosk customer can look through more inventory and options than what is displayed on the floor thereby allowing retailers to show more products than their square footage allows.
  • Customer Loyalty:Get to know your consumer by using loyalty programs that connect with the consumer in-store based on shopping behavior.
  • iBeacon, RFID, QR Technology: Digital Signage can integrate with new technology allowing retails to engage with shopper through technology of their choice: iBeacon, RFI, QR and etc. The system allows to Scan your card or track your consumer based on iBeacon technology.
  • Advanced Analytics: Analyze shopping behavior based on age, gender, viewing time or click behavior and gain valuable insight that can strengthen the marketing campaign. Automatically adjust messaging to reflect customer habits and trends based on pricing and weatherchanges, environmental factors, time of day, day of the week and season of the year
  • Enhance the Store Environment:Digital signage can also build brand value within your store by enhancing the shopping experience in several important ways:
    • 1.Enhancing the store ambiance.
    • 2.Improving customer service by helping customers easily find locations within the store.
    • 3.Entertaining customers waiting in line to reduce perceived wait time.
    • 4.Delivering content tailored to customer demographics.

Licensing Options


Primarily designed for on premise solutions that make it easy for you control and manage your network of Digital Menu Boards 100% autonomously from your premises.

Cloud or Software as A Service (SAAS):

This is a Cloud solution, giving you and your team On-Demand access to our Digital Signage Server. All your Digital Menu Boards are connected via Internet to our Digital Signage Cloud. You can login and control the Menu Boards Displays from any computer anywhere and anytime you’re online.

Our Digital Signage Applications