Digital Signage for Real Estate

On Digital Signage Solution for Retail give you platform to bringing visual communication to the next level to engage, inform and entertain your tenants and guest.

COMM-IT Digital Signage for Real Estate

Our Digital Signage solution for Real Estate provides you a platform to organise and present information in a user-friendly was and ability to configure and change your dsiplay based on location, occasion and events. With the power of Digital Signage in reaching targeted audienced; more and more real estate companies are now adopting this platform. You can integrate interactive maps, images and 3D models to make your content informative and as well attractive.

Digital Signage provides you with a well-designed and stylish screens as tenant directory which makes your directory stand at attention. It also provides additional features to the tenant directory browse through information of the tenants with specific details before going upstairs for meeting. Static plastic display cab be replaced with eye-catching screens at lobby providing a constant flow of dynamic information coupled with video streaming of any events. They can also be integrated to broadcast live news feeds thereby making your lobby alive and attractive. With Digital Signage you can now envision screens in a building lobby that show a tenant directory one minute, then switch to an advertising spot for a tenant and then, in the case of an emergency, turn into a 2-way video communications station assisting tenants with emergency response instructions and procedures.

COMM-IT Digital Signage Solutions for Retails

Interactive Directory Listings

Our Digital Directories provide great transformation over traditional building directories with a colourful, dynamic and sophisticated graphical presentation. Our back end software enables you to remotely update tenants, department names or room location with the click of a button. You can also add additional information like business hour timing for each tenants and extending further can make the directory interactive with visitor leaving message for any tenants.

Emergency Alerts

Our solution provides ability to broadcast accurate and helpful emergency evacuation info which can be a 2-way video communications station assisting tenants with emergency response instructions and procedures. You can issue evacuation orders and other emergency procedures in great detail with easy-to-follow arrows and icons, as well as clear audio instructions. During emergency the solution can help people find shelter and locate the quickest escape route.

Community Events Displays

Our Solutions can be used by tenants to build and display a comprehensive community calendar whether it is health awareness campaign, charity events, birthday or anniversary celebrations, gameshows and etc. You can effectively promote the events by displaying and broadcasting messages to all members and also act as point of registration. You can also enable “Social Sharing” of the events by integrating with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Our Advertising Display provides an effective medium to generate extra revenues. They can be placed at strategic locations within the property and provide space for local and national business to buy paid advertising on displays. The Real Estate affiliated companies can advertise and promote their products and services. These can include lawyers, landscape companies, mortgage and banks, in house furnishing, plumbers, electrician and etc.

Real Estate News

Our Real Estate News Displays can keep your buyers and visitor informed about the happening in the real estate industry and market trends. You can also display information about your real estate office with vital information like office timing, holidays, your new projects and your agents information. You can also display important property loans information, banks details, terms and conditions and rate of funding and etc.

Real Estate Video Walls

Our Video Walls can be placed at your sales office, building lobby or any “high traffic” areas like malls, airport and etc. The usage of ultra-high definition property video tour, area maps and property picture helps in attracting audience, improving effectiveness of brand and influencing buyer decision. At Sales Offices, they can create a “WOW” effect attracting customer and changing the overall look of the office.

Interactive Kiosk

Our Interactive Real Kiosk can be placed at lobby, malls, airports or at convention centre for user to browse through properties choice and also act as a medium to capture data in real time from potential buyers or tenants seeking services or lodging feedback and complaints. It can also act as an advertising platform for businesses affiliated with real estate industry to promote their products and services.

Virtual Property Tour

Our Virtual Property Tour Displays provides you with one of the most effective media to engage with potential buyers. The Solutions provides an ideal means by which potential buyers can easily views a property in its entirety prior to viewing property in person. Virtual Property displays provides a good document, great photography and 360 degreed view to showcase the entire property to the buyers.

Social Media Walls

Our Social Media Wall can create a social hub in you building by connecting guest via social media. Our solution works perfectly with social media. We can integrate Twitter and Facebook around digitised property listings and your Instagram can become a property catalogue with strategic tags to boost audience reach. You can even introduce sensor technologies linked to property profile to enable data capture.

Area Maps and Wayfinding

With our solution you can show all or some of your property on an easy-to-see and easy easy-to-compare area map. You can showcase local amenities and services information the property is in; like nearby schools, parks, malls, hospital and etc. The Wayfinding can display building map with all the associated facility for visitor to easily find finding facilities like washroom, lifts, floor wise tenants maps and etc.

Property Listing

Our Property Listing Displays provide you with a graphical database from which all property listing with pictures can be easily generated. You can have host of parameter to control and schedule your displays allowing filtering through specific data points. Extension to interactive display; visitors can browse through property of their choice and by integrating to your website digital signage listings gets automatically displayed to online visitors.

Lobby Displays

Our Signage Solutions provides you with eye-catching screens at lobby with a constant flow of dynamic information coupled with video streaming of any events. They can broadcast live news feed and show a tenant directory one minute and then switch to an advertising spot for tenant. In case of emergency they turn into a 2-way video communications station assisting tenants with emergency response instructions and procedures.

Advantage of Our Digital Signage Solutions for Real Estate

  • Deploy to remote devices – everything from kiosks to handheld tablets – from the convenience of your office.
  • Live Data Integration:integrate property listing with your existing information system to continuously update with live data data feeds thereby ensuring that your listing is more accurate.
  • Multiple Content Channels: distribute you content across multiple channel whether it is as simple as scaling display channels for specific neighborhoods; Or, developing displays that only show properties with specific bedrooms; or developing separate displays for residential and commercial real estate markets.
  • Increase Efficiency: Digital Signage provide a much superior and effective technology to reach out to potential buyer and at the same time cut cost over repeated manual printing.
  • Geenrate Advertisement Revenue: by placing Advertising Display screens at strategic location in office building, malls or housing complex you  sell advertisement spaces to Real Estate affiliated companies.
  • More To Display: the same screen can be used to display mulitple contents which can vary accoding to time, occasion or locations. You can pre-schedule your property displays at pre-determined times of the day or week automatically.
  • Interactive and Engaging: the display can be converted into interactive mode allowing user to engage with you in a more effective way. Data captured from user can be used to generate analytics helping you change your strategies for reaching out to buyers.
  • Clearer and Effective Communication: digital signage gives with space for not only more information which can be displayed but the information displayed is more clear and concise. By using special effects like mapping, carousal, cards, multi-list, neighborhood information and etc your communication becomes higly effective and targeted.
  • Extensive Content Support: Digital Signage support virtual all types of content which exist as of today. You can include images, videos and documents and many more content types – 3D models, Google or Microsoft Bing maps, YouTube videos, Flash animation and audio for voice over and sound effects.
  • Integrate Property Listing with your Website: by integrate Digital Signage Property listing to your corporate website; visitors browsing through property gets automatically displayed to online visitors.

Licensing Options


Primarily designed for on premise solutions that make it easy for you control and manage your network of Digital Menu Boards 100% autonomously from your premises.

Cloud or Software as A Service (SAAS):

This is a Cloud solution, giving you and your team On-Demand access to our Digital Signage Server. All your Digital Menu Boards are connected via Internet to our Digital Signage Cloud. You can login and control the Menu Boards Displays from any computer anywhere and anytime you’re online.

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