Digital Menu Boards for QSR

Making a Visual Statement and Adding a Level of Refinement and Distinctions for QSR through our Digital Menu Boards

COMM-IT Digital Signage for Menu Boards

COMM-IT provide Digital Menu Boards solutions for Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) which helps in making a Visual Statement and add a level of refinement and distinction for the QSR’s. our Digital Signage offering range from the simple standalone display to complex system with multiple playlist streaming from multiple sources with scheduling capabilities. Our team of highly specialized Digital Signage System Integrators backed with Visual Design artist can help develop a Digital Signage Solution that effectively target your customers and make immediate return on investment. Whether dynamic display advertising, menu boards, broadcast video or other high impact content, our Digital Menu Board Solutions can integrate seamlessly within a Commercial Display Network.

COMM-IT Digital Menu Board Solutions

  • Multiple locations.
  • Large menu selection.
  • Menu options that include Perishable Items.
  • Menu options that include Perishable Items.
  • Franchises.
  • Limited onsite staff.
  • Remote sites that require communication from head office/other locations.
  • Support for green initiatives.
  • Staff training required.
  • Adapt your menu offerings automatically at different times of the day.

Benefits of COMM-IT Digital Menu Board Solutions

  • Increase profit per customer by highlighting appropriate menu items.
  • Customers can also scroll through the menu and watch TV.
  • Easily comply with regulations for displaying nutritional info
  • Strengthen your influence on purchases and impulse buys by leveraging season, location and demographics.
  • Eliminate costs for static menu boards and enjoy a system with simple upkeep.
  • Update your menu as often as you like and coordinate offerings based on time of day.
  • Control the menu items across multiple location spread over different geographical location from a Central Server.
  • Influence your patrons’ decision making by promoting your daily menu specials.
  • Change your pricing and menu offerings remotely, easily and in minutes
  • Automatically Schedule Promotion Pricing and Menu Based on Location, Public Holidays, National Events and etc.
  • Easily test your promotions and price points.
  • Use eye-catching and mouth-watering video to make your products totally irresistible.
  • Automate with interactive kiosks.
  • Make your message ACTIONABLE, able to both change customer behaviour and change itself based on predictive analytics and your own predefined goals.

Licensing Options


Primarily designed for on premise solutions that make it easy for you control and manage your network of Digital Menu Boards 100% autonomously from your premises.

Cloud or Software as A Service (SAAS):

This is a Cloud solution, giving you and your team On-Demand access to our Digital Signage Server. All your Digital Menu Boards are connected via Internet to our Digital Signage Cloud. You can login and control the Menu Boards Displays from any computer anywhere and anytime you’re online.

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