Our Healthcare Signage Solutions

Our Digital Signage Solution helps you to Reduce Operational Cost while Improving Efficiency, Quality of Care and Patient Experience

COMM-IT Digital Signage for Healthcare

Digital signage and interactive kiosks in healthcare can significantly help reduce operational cost while at the same improve efficiency, quality of care and patient experience. It provides an easy to operate and easy to update platform to ensure accurate information is being conveyed in real time mode to visitors, patients and employees at all time. With this being managed effectively by Digital Signage Platform, Employees are freed to focus on more important task critical to patient handling. Digital Signage has established itself as critical and must have platform for Healthcare facilities with deployment in spaces ranging from waiting areas to patient rooms to cafeterias to corridors in medical facilities.

Our Digital Signage Platform allows you to publish information that educate and inform your viewers. Healthcare providers have specific requirement for specific audiences which can be information on visiting hours in lobby upcoming classes for outpatients, appointment schedule displays with doctor’s information and policy reminders to staff; out Digital Signage Platform can show content you want, to the group you choose and at the time and place you need to.

COMM-IT Digital Signage for Healthcare

Donor Recognition

Our Donor Recognition Boards can be used to extend a special “thank you” to those who have helped your Medical facility to grow and thrive by donating lifesaving organs, thereby allowing you to – save lives. Interactive displays enable the foundation to show media such as photos or videos to tell stories and recognize special gifts. Digital donor boards eliminate the cost and time associated with printing traditional donor plaques and allow you to thank your donors faster than ever before.

Patient Education

Our Digital Signage platform provide a medium to effectively communication to patients to access information about conditions and procedures. Platform provides both active and passive digital displays. In active mode a touch screen based interface is provided for patient to get answers to common questions and learn more about facilities and procedures applicable to his case. Passive mode is used to deliver more general education through screens throughout the facilities on strategic locations, such as patient room and waiting rooms.

Display Emergency Alerts and Events

The Digital Display Screens can be used to provide timely reminders for safety information, company events and news. We can Integrate Fire Alarm Alerts system to Alerts employees and visitors on emergency evacuation alerts. The existing Display at various location can be used to display Evacuation routes and Procedures prominently during an emergency situation. When events have moved to different locations or times, or new events occur, the Platform provides ability to share this information with everyone in a timely and relevant manner.

Cafeteria’s Digital Menu Board

Medical facilities typically experience high volumes of traffic to their cafeterias on a daily basis. Our Digital Menu boards can be used to display cafeteria menu to staff members and visitors with sumptuous presentation of food items via pictures, videos, and animations. This eliminate the printing process that is necessary whenever an update is made to dining menu and provide ability to make changes as frequently as you’d like with just a simple click of a mouse, utilizing our easy-to-use software.

Digital Directory and Wayfinding

For large medical facility with multiple floors, departments and waiting areas our Digital Wayfinding solutions can provide with quick and on-the-spot location assistance. A touch screen based interface provide visitors a personalized path to their destination quickly and easily. The digital directory can grab a visitor’s attention and can show the patient the right way to the specific office or specialist. Updating of directory is just a click away and interactive directory presents updated information on hand and direction wayfinding conveniences.

Video Walls

Video walls in waiting areas, reception and passage ways of the Medical facilities are commonly used to make visitors comfortable and entertained in a relaxing, home-like environment. Video walls show multisource contents, starting from promotional and Marketing material for information, video and picture inputs and to create changing atmospheres according to different occasions. Video walls can take the communication and marketing of products to visitors to a next level with eye-catching video and graphics display and at the same time reduce the perceived waiting time.

Integrate Queue/Token System

Integrate Digital Signage Display with Queue Management System like Q Matic. The System allocates a number to each visitor, calling numbers in sequences as their turn comes up, using existing display screens. Displaying the numbers and queue times on-screen, and also issuing audible voice prompts, allows patients and visitors to visualize the time at which they will be served. Display Screens at OPD, Labs, Pharmacy, Food Courts and etc. can be integrated with Queue Management System to enhance the quality of services.

Employee Communication

Our Digital Signage Platform provide to communicate effectively with staff regarding news, department highlights, upcoming events, and much more. Large format displays help to bring life to this content and disseminate it throughout your entire facility. It be used to communicate vital information, policy and procedure changes, notices, training opportunities and interesting materials to numerous employees quickly and easily. It can also replace those standard whiteboards usually found in nursing stations and operating rooms to improve coordination and workflow communication.

Promote Products and Services

Our Signage Platform can be a great medium to inform and promote products and services of the medical facilities to the visitors; covering everything of services, info. on products you can buy, and even promoted website. The platform can display success stories, the surgeons or doctors recent awards and accreditations, and even products like scar cream and how to use them after surgery. Whether it’s the local eatery, concert hall, or cinema, the opportunity to advertise can be a win-win for all parties involved.

HIS Integration

COMM-IT’s unique Digital Signage for Healthcare offering is its ability to integrate tightly with the existing hospital information system(HIS) allowing pickup and displays of information like doctor’s profiles, appointment schedules and etc. Our Solution provides web services integration allowing contents for the ‘Waiting Area’ screens and the white board screens at the ‘Nursing Station Area’ to be integrated with all the backend application of the hospitals; these includes VIDA (HIS) which shows Lab results, Radiology, Nurse Call and Meal Orders online.

Touch Screen KIOSK

Our Touchscreen KIOS and Digital Signage for healthcare facilities can be used to direct visitors about the building, search physician directories and know about the other facilities extended by the Medical Center. Touch screen kiosks can be used to promote products and services and enhance sales. One of the important use of the touch screen kiosks can be to allow patients to fill out forms and schedule appointments which speed up and ease the job your staff.

Waiting Room Digital Signage

Waiting Room Digital Signage Displays are one the great in reducing the perceived waiting time for patients or visitors sitting in the waiting rooms. Large Format Displays or Video walls can engage the visitors through eye-catching video/graphics displaying news, weather updates, local messages, relevant health and wellness information, and any live updates or information about the healthcare facility or policies. In specialized or bigger facilities, the information can even be more specialized to become more pertinent to the viewing audience.

Advantage of Our Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare.

  • Contribute to green imitative by reducing paper clutter and create a more state-of-the-art atmosphere. This provides a Cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to printed leaflets and posters
  • Improved collaboration for doctors, nurses and administrators as they can use digital signage tools to improve workflow communication throughout the facility.
  • Communicates HIPAA messages, government regulations and emergency alerts effectively.
  • Centrally control and schedule messages to display at the proper time and location
  • Promote upcoming events and seminars
  • Display social media updates and live data for news, weather, scores, and more
  • Integrate displays with third-party applications and HIS to schedule appointment and display OPD appointment schedule, Doctors profiles and lab testing schedules for patients.
  • Reduce perceived wait times with entertaining videos, live news feeds and social media
  • Incorporate new technology such as beacons, mobile apps and self-service kiosks to streamline service and empower visitors and patients.
  • Generate new revenue by promoting additional services and offering advertising opportunities. Use digital signage to advertise specials and promotions within the facility (i.e. gift shop, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Implement Digital Menu Boards to display the cafeteria menu and include nutritional guidelines, tips and information
  • Implement Digital Wayfinding to Direct visitors from point to point within facilities, thus speeding-up the process of finding a patient room or check-in area.

Licensing Options


Primarily designed for on premise solutions that make it easy for you control and manage your network of Digital Menu Boards 100% autonomously from your premises.

Cloud or Software as A Service (SAAS):

This is a Cloud solution, giving you and your team On-Demand access to our Digital Signage Server. All your Digital Menu Boards are connected via Internet to our Digital Signage Cloud. You can login and control the Menu Boards Displays from any computer anywhere and anytime you’re online.

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