Digital Signage for Government

Our Digital Signage for government provide a fast and effective communication platform to send messages to citizen and provide transparency in governance.

COMM-IT Digital Signage for Government

One of the most effective usage of Digital Signage can be in the government where fast and effective commutation of message to citizens with complete transparency is crucial for effective governance. Digital Signage can be used to display information in government buildings, in courts building, social security offices, recruiting offices, police and fire stations, post offices, chambers of commerce, city parks and etc. The possibilities for Digital Signage are simply unlimited.

Our Digital Signage for government provides a centralised manage platform which can help save time and money, increase efficiency and get your messages out to the right people in the right time and at the right place. Our Digital Signage can allow dynamic, engaging and responsive content with Interactive kiosk allowing citizens to engage and collaborate in effective way with government agencies. Digital signage networks provide government with an instant alert mechanism in public spaces. Administrators can post network-wide emergency messages immediately from a control centre.

COMM-IT’s Digital Signage Solutions for Government

Social Security Offices

Our Social Security Offices Display can be used to inform, guide and entertain visitors using a centralized platform to communicate messages immediately, effectively and affordably. They can be integrated with Queue Management system to display token number while at the same time entertaining citizens while they are waiting; thereby reducing the perceived waiting time. The display can be used to communicate important policy announcements, upcoming events and to send security alerts instantly.

Polling Booth Display

Our Polling Booth Displays can be used to communicate crucial instruction to voters in their local languages and also to display candidate information. The solution can display candidate photographs, name, party name and symbol in high resolution to communicate candidate details effectively to the voters. Once the election is over, the same display screens can be used to declare result in real time basis as counting is happening clearly displaying candidate names, total votes received with the leading and trailing candidates on top.

Courts Signage Display

Our Courts Display signs can be installed outside each courtroom and display the day’s court call dockets electronically. The solution can display complete defendants name, room number and time of hearing and can be integrated with existing backend software to pick up all these information’s or we can provide our own back end software. In common areas a bank of monitors can display all of the calls for entire courthouse. The solution also displays important information and announcement, wayfinding with directories and also send emergency evacuation alerts.

Post Offices Display

Our Digital Signage solution can be used to promote products and services, financial awareness information, local messaging and news at Post Offices. They are cost effective replacement for Post Office Poster and leaflets by providing a platform which can centrally control and schedule messages to be displayed at a single or branches of post offices. They can be integrated with Queue management system to display token number being served and those in waiting line. The existing screen can also be used to generate revenue by selling advertisement.

Passport Offices Display

Use of Digital Signage’s at lobby can educate citizens on process and rules for applying passport, advertise various facilities and at the same time provide entertainment to reduce the perceived waiting time. The screens at application centers can be integrated with Queue management system to display token number being served and those in waiting. Self-service kiosks at passport centers can be used to browse information and also to check the status of passport.

Self Service Kiosks

Our Interactive Signs and kiosks serves as an invaluable tool for government facilities of all types and play a major role in promoting and boosting various E-Government initiatives and bring in transparency. They can provide controlled access to eGovernment portals/ website and increase access to information about local government programs and services. They can publicize new government initiatives or websites and provide local tourist information’s. They can also be used to check status of services request (e.g. passport office) or apply for new services.

Staff Training and Development

Government agencies need to keep evolving the policy initiatives on regular basis, making training and announcement of these changes for employees very important. Our Digital Signage solutions can play an important role in automation of the training by capturing, archiving and video streaming training content from any location on your network to any device or screen you choose. You can also multicast live to TVs around site and in meeting rooms or to desktop PCs and laptops.

Visitor Management Display

Public dealing is one of the most important function of the any government department and our touchscreen based kiosk provides a self-sign-in screen where visitors can register their own arrival, choose their host whom they have come to meet and notify the host on arrival. This is a replacement for manual register allowing pre-registration, label printing and management reporting on visitors from any internet connected device. Our backend web based tool can help manage the complete visitor management for different types of users.

Electronic Notice Board

Our electronic notice board is a perfect replace for old and static pin up notice board which are often seen at government facilities. They can help display important and serious messages immediately, effectively and affordably using a centralized platform which is easy to use and manage. They can deliver emergency alerts for extreme weather or Homeland Security updates instantly at click of a button. Along with these you can also display various events schedules and advertise community events.

Wayfinding and Directories

For government facility with lots of visitors, our interactive Wayfinding maps and directories can help reduce the work of information desk drastically and improve visitors experience. Our Digital Wayfinding with Digital Directories for government provides an interactive map on touch screen based kiosk for visitors to navigate around the government building from a single touch screen kiosk. You can integrate the complete directory to show various departments, facilities, officers, and etc with visual path from kiosk to destination.

Public Venue Display System

Our Digital Signage solution can contribute towards community building by keeping the Public informed and employees motivated. Our Public Venue Display system acts as powerful medium to deliver important messages and alerts – immediately, effectively and affordably from a centralized platform which is easy to use and manage. They can be used to show engaging visual communication in government offices, public buildings, libraries, police and fire stations, or the chamber of commerce.

Enhanced Visitor Experiences

Our Digital Signage solution for government can help improve the experiences of citizens visiting government facility by displaying up-to-date information and using stunning graphics helping create a positive impact. You can display reports related to your agency along with interesting details which can help make the facility citizen friendly. While citizens are waiting in queue to be served you can display high impact education and entertain content to reduce their perceived waiting time.

Advantage of Our Digital Signage Solutions for Government

Public Interaction :
  • Digital Signage brings in much needed transparency in governance by effectively and instantly communicating information to the citizens.
  • Having digital displays and HD installations in offices helps encourage this communication and bring in efficiency in information dispersal, at minimal cost with low maintenance.
  • Use of HD videos in government offices can bridge the gap between officials and citizens.


Improved Communication :
  • Digital Signage can be used to help government agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs) to improve communications with citizens.
  • Use continuous content in the form of schedules, guidelines for visitors and overviews of government departments.
  • Deliver inspirational messages, holiday notices, news, and weather as well as event information to public service employees and administrators.
  • Create awareness about key policy initiatives, welfare schemes, and achievements.
  • Convey important messages quickly on real time.
  • Integrate various utility apps like weather, transport timings, stock market quotes etc.


  • Interactive Visitor Management Kiosk at reception can provide a self-sign-in screen for visitors to register their own arrival with host being notified of the arrival instantly upon registration.
  • Interactive discover stations installed at government facilities allow citizens to browse through facility.
  • Interactive kiosks installed at various key locations in the government building like post office, passport offices, social security offices can be used to register for services and check the status of the application under process.


Inform Electorate :
  • Digital signage with a continuous stream of content can provide a wonderful public service to communities.
  • Digital Signage monitors can display multi-language educational content, required documents for meeting drivers’ needs, or changes to certain programs like the Social Security Administration.


  • Assist in wayfinding for visitors and staff.
  • Digital Directories can be used to browse through various directory information for the government facilities.


Event Promotion:
  • Installing digital signage with large LCD or plasma screens around a facility can be used to promote upcoming gorvenment events and programs.


  • Digital signage can be an invaluable tool by government agencies to generate revenue just by allowing advertisers to stream content on screens.
  • Paid content can be easily integrated with your own on digital signage in airports, railway station, bus stops, public facilities and outside municipalities.


Cost savings:
  • Eliminates the cost of producing, transporting and securing static printed signs and displays materials.
  • With Digital Signage no printed material is necessary, so both time and cost savings can be made, and the environmental impact is minimized.

Licensing Options


Primarily designed for on premise solutions that make it easy for you control and manage your network of Digital Menu Boards 100% autonomously from your premises.

Cloud or Software as A Service (SAAS):

This is a Cloud solution, giving you and your team On-Demand access to our Digital Signage Server. All your Digital Menu Boards are connected via Internet to our Digital Signage Cloud. You can login and control the Menu Boards Displays from any computer anywhere and anytime you’re online.

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