Digital Signage for Education

Providing an effective Communication Platform to deliver information and messages to Students, Teachers, Parents and Visitor.

COMM-IT Digital Signage for Education

Digital Signage solution is an effective and efficient replacement of static text and picture with eye-catching display that can include images, video, text and highlight messages to create an impact. Digital Signage can be extended from primary school to higher education replacing notice board and effectively creating ‘school or college TV’. The Digital Signage application for education sector is unlimited with usage as reception areas display, staff room display, canteens displays and across multiple departments thereby providing an effective way to communicate to students, staff, parents and visitors.

Digital Signage in schools and classroom can help capture student attention with interactive content and helping to engage and motivate students. Digital Signage allows dynamic, engaging and responsive content with Interactive kiosk allowing students, teachers, parents and even visitor to engage and collaborate in effective way. The backend content management software helps in keeping information fresh allowing automatic expiry of content and automatic scheduling for content to display.

Our Education Signage Solutions

Exams and Results Display

Our Digital Signage display can be used for effective display of exams results and also to highlight the special achievement of the students. We can develop backend software to manage and process the exams result and then display them on the Digital Signage screens. Alternatively, we can use your existing exams processing backend software and develop an interface to integrate with Exams Results Displays. This can be further complemented by developing a mobile app for students to acquire exams results on their mobile devices.

Student Achiever Displays

One of the best use of our Digital Signage display for academic is displaying your students work and achievements to visitors, parents and student community; thereby encouraging achievers and at the same time inculcating the spirit of competition. Use of high definition graphics coupled with right messages can help create an impact and lasting impression. The display can also highlight any teacher’s achievement and their prominent research works and for sharing of information on student work between teachers and department.

School Canteen Display

School canteen provides a unique opportunity to communicate with your student outside the teaching time and our digital display can provide a balance of important information, entertainment and student centric messages. Our digital menu boards can display the menus on the offering along with nutrients value and food allergens. You can high definition graphics and message to highlight healthy eating habits. School Canteen display can also highlight various events and activities, display school policy, highlight achievers, emergency alerts and etc.

School Staff Room Display

Our Staff Room Signage’s can be used to display news, events, cultural activities and other academic events which are of interest to the staff. It can be used to display timetables, publish updated information about substitute teachers or lecturer and other staff or room changes. New faculty member can be prominently highlighted in the respective department staff room. It can be used to display government policy initiatives, key message from Department of higher education and also any emergency alerts and etc.

School Library Display

Our Library Signage can help transform library sciences and help the librarians get “the right book to the right reader at the right time.” Our Digital Displays offer a new dimension of library sciences with live news updates and advanced data integration which can show latest scientific, political, social and artistic developments and breakthrough while showing students where they can find related materials. Our digital boards can be used to display section heading on bookshelf racks.

Education Video Wall

Our Video walls for campus can be used across school campuses for special announcement, to highlight students, faculty, donors, fundraisers and scholarship, for wayfinding. They can be used to display video classes and also for emergency notifications. Video walls in auditorium-style classroom can replace digital whiteboards and projector and allow for instructor-led presentations and student collaboration. Video wall can display scientific visualization, computer simulations, video conferencing with special speakers and etc.

Events Announcement Display

Our solution can be used to communicate with staff and students about forthcoming events, important dates and sporting events. You can use of high definition images and videos to for each events with venue information, venue images, event information along with wayfinding information. The same screen can display information about extra-curricular activities in the campus, school diary messages and highlight excellence student’s rewards. Our mobile event App can help sync events on mobile to keep track of everything going on.

Visitor Management Display

Our touchscreen based kiosk provides a self-sign-in screen where visitors can register their own arrival, choose their host whom they have come to meet and notify the host on arrival. The visitor management display is a replacement for manual register allowing pre-registration, label printing and management reporting on visitors from any internet connected device. Our backend web based tool can help manage the complete visitor management for different types of users.

Campus Communications Displays

Our Digital Signage platform provides medium to communicate with students regarding club news, department highlights upcoming events and much more. The Screen can be used to introduce, remind and engage students about new or amended school policy. You can add visual health and safety information and remind students about your policy on bullying, inclusion and internet usage. The platform also provides a medium to communicate relevant information to parents, teachers and visitors.

School Wayfinders

Our Digital Wayfinding solutions with Digital Directories for campus provides an interactive map on touch screen based kiosk for guest and new students to navigate around your campus from a single touch screen kiosk. You can include directories for school canteen, departments, labs, staff rooms, libraries and events showing visual path from the kiosk to the destination. There can also be quick reference buttons to find facilities like elevators and restroom on any floor.

School Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks at campus can be used for variety of purpose like visitors can browse through the campus facility and as a way to manage the registration of students, especially at university campuses. They can be used to participate in student and faculty surveys, check in for events, obtain campus information and updates, fill out applications for student clubs and volunteer organizations, reserve books in library and etc. The possibilities of their usage is simply unlimited.

Reception Display

Our Video walls for campus can be used across school campuses for special announcement, to highlight students, faculty, donors, fundraisers and scholarship, for wayfinding. They can be used to display video classes and also for emergency notifications. Video walls in auditorium-style classroom can replace digital whiteboards and projector and allow for instructor-led presentations and student collaboration. Video wall can display scientific visualization, computer simulations, video conferencing with special speakers and etc.

Advantage of Our Digital Signage Solutions for Education

Grab Attention:
  • high definition and eye-catching display on Digital Screen help in getting your message to students, teachers, parents and visitors noticed more effectively.
  • Informative message along with high definition video and graphics in waiting area can help in reducing visitor perceived waiting time.


Fast and Effective Medium of Communication:
  • Provide a real time and instant mode of communication to students, teachers, parents and visitors.
  • Instant broadcast of emergency notifications and alerts
  • Schedule content to communicate messages at the proper time and location
  • Integrate event schedules and information.


  • Interactive Visitor Management Kiosk at reception can provide a self-sign-in screen for visitors to register their own arrival with host being notified of the arrival instantly upon registration.
  • Interactive discover stations allow visitors to browse through campus facility.
  • Interactive kiosks installed at various key locations in the campus can be used for student and faculty to participate in surveys, check in for events, obtain campus updates, fill application for student clubs, reserve books in library and etc. The possibilities are simply unlimited.


Establish and Control your Brand Image:
  • Digital signage makes it possible to control the brand experience from anywhere by simply accessing the ubiquitous web browser.
  • Digital signage can power your brand with a consistent message, whether its to promote the school achievement, school or college accreditation, facilities, academic patents registered or even highlighting qualification and research work of the faculty.
  • Harmonize the physical display along with the manner of media presentation and the media messaging to assure contextual continuity and consistent expression of the brand.
  • You can use graphical and editorial elements like official logos and color schemes to accurately and consistently present brand to internal and external audience. With fully customized branding to reflect the school images, enables you to stand out from others.


Community Development:
  • Digital signage allows instant communication of information across entire site with eye catching displays.
  • A digital signage network can be used to instantly informs students of speakers, sporting events, student achievements, class timetables, photos of school plays and out of school activities.


  • Digital Display Screens communicate concepts to students more clearly than blackboards and older, projector-based solutions.
  • The Digital Signage Screen cab also be used for video streaming to broadcast lecture held in one classroom can be broadcast to large screens in another class rooms and also to classrooms and individual students PCs over the network.


Event Promotion:
  • Installing digital signage with large LCD or plasma screens around a site, upcoming concerts, sporting events etc can be publicized.


  • Digital signage can be an invaluable tool for establishments to generate revenue just by allowing advertisers to stream content onyour screens.
  • Paid content can be easily integrated with your own on digital signage in student hubs, bookstores, and on campus restaurants, as well as stadiums and gyms.


Cost savings:
  • Eliminates the cost of producing, transporting and securing static printed signs and displays materials. With digital signage no printed material is necessary, so both time and cost savings can be made, and the environmental impact is minimized.

Licensing Options


Primarily designed for on premise solutions that make it easy for you control and manage your network of Digital Menu Boards 100% autonomously from your premises.

Cloud or Software as A Service (SAAS):

This is a Cloud solution, giving you and your team On-Demand access to our Digital Signage Server. All your Digital Menu Boards are connected via Internet to our Digital Signage Cloud. You can login and control the Menu Boards Displays from any computer anywhere and anytime you’re online.

Our Digital Signage Applications