Trade Promotion Automation

Workflow Based Framework to Plan, Execute and Monitor your Trade Promotion spending

Trade Promotion Automation (TPM)

This is a complete Workflow based framework which can be customized to fit your processes. Solution allows you to Plan, Allocate, Execute, Settle and Analyze your trade spend targeted at consumers. The solution is specifically target for CPG Industry allowing for creation, administration and analyses of contract with distributors and operators and helps you to validate the effectiveness and probability of your trade plans.

Our solution provides you with a tool to effectively manage all the stages of your TPM starting from TPM budgeting and then TPM Planning, Sell-In Promotional Plan, Executing and Monitoring your Trade Promotion and finally doing a complete evaluation to analyze the effectiveness to Trade Promotions.

The solution provide a workflow based approach allowing all the stakeholder at every stage of Trade Promotion to Collaborate. Workflows for TPM Planning, Sell-In Promotional Plan, Trade Promotion Execution and Monitoring are defined separately with user hierarchy and access control allowing all the stakeholder to perform specific to their roles. The Solution has a TPM Document Management wherein all the document at every stage of TPM process is captured electronically into the system along with the complete case history. This is then available for search and retrieval for future Trade Promotion Planning.

Key Features

Workflow Based Trade Promotion Automation

Implement Systematic and Workflow driven Trade Promotion Automation for TPM Budgeting, Planning, Execution and Monitoring of Promotional Dollars. Workflow provides a complete control over Who approves promotions and Who all would Execute and Monitor Promotions with complete accountability and visibility to all the stakeholders at every stage of Trade Promotion process.

TPM Budgeting

The budget can be defined in top down approach whereinSales Management can allocate spend budget for each sales representative or account based on promotion strategy of brand/product. The Budget can also be defined in bottom up approach with each sales representative determine their Promotion Dollars which is then approved by Manager based on total available Dollars.

Promotions Planning

The Solution allows sales representative, promotion specialist, sales management and others concerned to collaborate in creating a detailed promotional plan which is then updated into the system along with related documents. The planning would include event start and end dates, products included, expected sales lift, event tactics, Event Costs, promotion schemes (discounts or offers), ROI and etc.

Sell-In Promotional Plan

The plan is presented to the customer/retailer or partner for obtaining commitment to meeting the sales projections. The plan along with shipment details, promotion calendar, expected sales results, costs and payment details, contact persons leading the promotion and etc are discussed and agreed upon. All the input, changes are captured into the system and approval if are routed through workflow to concerned stakeholders. The final agreed plan is signed and digitally captured into the system.

Execute and Monitor Promotions

All the activities during this stage are captured into the system. These includes assisting in store merchandising and advertising like finalizing ad, price as per plan and also executing agreed store level merchandising. All the retail activities are monitored, checked and captured into the systemand performance is documented and verified. The payments are authorised and processed into the system.

Evaluate Promotion Effectiveness

The Solution allows complete post analysis and generation of reports related of effectiveness of the promotions which is then made available as a case for next promotion. The data related to promotions like actual shipment, actual consumption and actual spending are captured into the system. The individual product promotions with uplifts and customer and event learning related to promotion are document and captured into the system.

Promotions Document Management

The solution implements a complete Document Management System where in all the documents at every stages of Trade Promotions are digitally captured as part of the TPM. This makes a complete process paperless allowing for fast search and retrieval of TPM Document which then act as a reference for planning and execution of next Trade Promotions.


The solution provides a strong collaboration allowing all the stakeholders in the Trade Promotion to communicate with all the user in the hierarchy using workflow. They can access any document, upload document or seek clarification during TPM Budgeting, Planning, Sell-In and Execution and Monitoring of the Trade Promotion from within the TPM workflow.

Automated Alerts

The solution provides for generation of automatic email notification and alerts at every stages of TPM Workflow on various tasks like are TPM task raised, action taken, approval and also auto alerts on Query or clarification sought to the respective stakeholders. This can be further extended to SMS based alerts.

Roles Based Routing and Send Back Options

The Solution provides a complete roles based routing of TPM Task within the workflow wherein user is able to take actions like approve, reject, edit or view TPM document, view modification logs based on the role and permission defined.

Analytics and Reports

Our solution provides complete analytics and drill down reports at every step of TPM Workflow cycle. We can also develop any kinds customized MIS reports related to TPM Budget, TPM Monitoring and TMP Evaluation and etc as per specific requirements.

Mobile Integration

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of all the stakeholders in theprocess who can take action on the TPM Budgeting, Planning, Execution and Monitoring from mobile devices.

Integrate with Other System

We can develop tools to integrate to integrate the complete TPM Solution with your Backend ERP/Logistics System or with other 3rd Party IT software enabling automated export and import of TPM related data.

Complete History Trails

Our Solutions ensures that all the activities are captured into the system with complete history trails giving complete insights in who did what, when and where. All Modifications are logged with record of every user data changes ensuring trace into every changes.

Advantages of Our Trade Promotion Automation

3Identify the optimal price point to achieve incremental lift on targeted shelf space.
4Comprehensive Documentation of the complete TPM Process.
5Provide Accountability with 100% visibility to all the stakeholders in the TPM Process.
6Maximize trade at the retail level when working through distributors.
7Mobile interface for anytime and anywhere access, reducing cost and speeding up process.
8Use Historical Data and Analytical Report to increase accuracy of promotion planning.
9Monitor Product Promotion activity to optimize price levels for incremental shelf lift.
10TPM Document Management to Archive and Retrieve all Documents related to TPM with case history.
11Perform TPM Budgeting with ongoing monitoring of overspends and underspends.
12Perform effective ROI on every TPM spends.
13Generate various kinds of MIS reports to Analyze and Compare trade spends.
14Adopt an effective go-to-market strategies based on historical TPM data.
15Streamline deduction and settlement process on TPM.

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