Task Management Automation

Workflow Enabled Task Management allowing complete control over who works on the Task and how

Task Management Automation

Task Management solutions allows you to assign and manage task for employees in a much more efficient way than the email. The solution can be configured to define status, priority, assignee, due dates and much more. The Role-based access gives you complete control as to how and who works on the task. With Task Workflows you can define processes and participants based on their role. You can keep track of important reminders, track progress, send attachments and etc.

The Solution efficient management of all types Task which can be individual or personal and also Project based Task Management. It allows tracking of all the tasks with important reminders, follow up and email notifications with a centralized database. An inbuilt Task and Project Document Management System allows all document related to Task and Project to be captured electronically for easy search and retrieval of project documents.

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of all the stakeholders allowing Managers to Manage global project timelines, milestones, and status updates from any device at any time.

Key Features

Workflow Based Task Automation

Implement Systematic and Workflow driven Task Automation which is aligned with your process management strategy. Task Workflow allow participant of only those who have necessary permission and in case of recurring Task, all participant are controlled by predefined list of next steps.

Easily Create Task

The Solution provides a tools which empowers teams to be more productive whether it is traditional task management or project management. It provides easy to use interface to create a Task, define priority and then allot the Task to any member of the team.

Configure Task

The Solution allows creation of a highly configurable task with definable properties like task details, instructions, assigned to, priority, category,start date and end date, % of work done and etc. The Task is then tracked with time spent, status, expiry date alerts and etc.

Role Based Task Management

The Solution provides a complete Role Based Task Management which gives you complete control over who works on the task and how they work on the task. Details permission level based access like add/edit/delete Tasks, create subtasks, send back, query and etc allow complete control on Managing your Tasks.

Task Document Management

The solution implements a complete Document Management System where in all the documents required for Task and Project Management are digitally captured as part of the Task or Project. This makes a complete process paperless allowing for fast search and retrieval of Task and Project Document.

Automated Alerts

The solution provides for generation of automatic email notification and alerts for all Task which are created, assigned, modified, acted upon, raised, action taken and etc. to the respective stakeholders. This can be further extended to SMS based alerts.

Analytics and Reports

Our solution provides complete analytics and drill down reports at every step of Task Management Workflow cycle. We can also develop any kinds customized MIS reports related to processing of Task and Project Management like all active Task, completed Task, % Work done reports and etc. as per specific requirements.

Mobile Integration

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of all the stakeholders in the Task and Project Management wherein they create, edit, assign, reply or take any other action directly from their mobile devices.

Integrate with Backend Software

We can develop tools to integrate to integrate the complete Task Management Solution with your Backend Project Management System or with other 3rd Party IT software enabling automated export and import of Task related data.

Complete History Trails

Our Solutions ensures that all the activities are captured into the system with complete history trails giving complete insights in who did what, when and where. All Modifications are logged with record of every user data changes ensuring trace into every changes.

Advantages of Our Tasks Management Automation

3Speed up the internal Task process with Workflow Based routing and approval.
4Comprehensive Documentation of the complete Task.
5Provide Accountability with 100% visibility to all the stakeholders in the team.
6Complete control over who works on tasks and how they work on them.
7Mobile interface for anytime and anywhere access, reducing cost and speeding up process.
8Highly Configurable: Define status, priority, assignee, due dates, and more.
9Generate all kinds of MIS Reports on the Project.
10Task/Project Document Management to Archive and Retrieve all Documents related to Task and Project.
11Events based Alerts and Notifications. Auto Alerts of Task deadline dates.
12Automatic escalation of Tasks based on threshold time limit in case of no action.

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