Loan Management Automation

Workflow Enabled Framework to automate the Loan Processing, Approval and Loan Monitoring for Finance Companies.

Loan Management Automation

Our Loan Application Processing System is a workflow based solution which can be implemented for corporate, consumer and government finance companies or even for organization to automate employee loan processing. This is end-to-end Loan solution with features like Agreement Management, Application Form to capture all relevant information, Alerts and Notifications, Risk Assessments, Archiving of all the loan documents, comprehensive monitoring and report generations. Loan Process Workflow allows all the stakeholder to participate in approval process with complete transparency.

Our Workflow based Loan Management System provides an effective solution for corporate finance company, Mortgage Company, Public Sector Infrastructure Finance Company or Consumer Finance Company to effectively manage processing, approval and monitoring of loans. The solution helps in improving the efficiency in Loan processing by removing all kinds of communication bottlenecks and streamlining the flow of information and loan documents.

The Solution bring in complete accountability and transparency in the Loan processing and allow the management to take informed decision with access to complete financial data of the borrower backed by risk analysis report generation.

Key Features

Workflow Based Loan Process Automation

Implement Systematic and Workflow driven automation of the types of Legal Process within the organization. These include Workflow Process Intellectual Property Management, Legal Document Management and Legal Compliance Management.

Loan Application Form

The Loan Application is customized as per the specific requirement of the customer and is used to capture the complete information like the Loan Product details, interest rate, Loan amount requested, duration and etc. Along with this it also captures all the documents required for processing.

Loan Agreement Management

This helps in effective agreement registration for different financial product like Leasing, Term Finance, Hire Purchase and etc. We can customize to implement products with structure payment schedule, multiple rates, grace period and etc. Solution implements Agreement Document checking, Survey Reports, Sanctioned amount and verifications.

Risk Assessment

The Solution can be customized to capture all the required financial data in details like current assets, fixed assets, current liabilities and etc. These are then used to perform a complete risk analysis of the borrower and provide a comprehensive picture for taking a well-informed decision.

Loan Pricing

The Solution provides a comprehensive analysis of each loan which can then be used to recommend pricing based on lenders policies for each types of loans. Various Analysis reports of Cost and Revenue are provided to make decision on pricing the loan; Minimum Return, Cost of Borrowing, Risk Rating, Lending Cost, Overhead Cost and etc.

Document Management

The solution implements a complete Document Management System where in all the documents required for loan processing are digitally captured as part of the Loan Package. The makes a complete process paperless allowing for fast search and retrieval of Loan Document for making decisions or performing audit on the loan at later point of time.

Loan Committee and Monitoring

The solution can be customized to meet any specific requirement of Loan Committee where in members at different/same location can get access to the complete Loan Document and provide their inputs and approvals. The Solution also has Monitoring System which allows continuous monitoring of Loans and generate alerts in case of missing payments.


The solution provides a strong collaboration allowing all the stakeholders in the Loan processing to communicate with all the user in the hierarchy using workflow. They can access any loan document, upload document or seek clarification at any point in the loan workflow before providing approvals.

Automated Alerts

The solution provides for generation of automatic email notification and alerts for all Loan Processing Tasks which are application raised, action taken, approved and also auto alerts on upcoming or missing payment on any Loan sanctioned to the respective stakeholders. This can be further extended to SMS based alerts.

Roles Based Routing and Send Back Options

The Solution provides a complete roles based routing of Loan Processing Task within the workflow wherein user is able to take actions like approve, reject, edit or view loan document, view modification logs of Loan Processing based on the role and permission defined.

Analytics and Reports

Our solution provides complete analytics and drill down reports at every step of Loan Processing Workflow cycle. We can also develop any kinds customized MIS reports related to processing of Loan and performance of the sanctioned loans as per specific requirements.

Mobile Integration

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of all the stakeholders in the Loan processing who can take action on the Loan Processing or on Loan already sanctioned from mobile devices.

Integrate with Backend Financial System

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of all the stakeholders in the Loan processing who can take action on the Loan Processing or on Loan already sanctioned from mobile devices.

Complete History Trails

Our Solutions ensures that all the activities are captured into the system with complete history trails giving complete insights in “who did what, when and where”. All Modifications are logged with record of every user data changes ensuring trace into every changes.

Advantages of Our Loan Management Automation

3Speed up the internal loan process with Workflow Based routing and approval of Loan Document.
4Comprehensive Documentation of the complete Loan Processing.
5Provide Accountability with 100% visibility to all the stakeholders in the Loan Processing.
6Effective Management Control and Monitoring of Loans.
7Mobile interface for anytime and anywhere access, reducing cost and speeding up process.
8Reduce cost related to Paper Handling and Manual Routing of Loan Documents.
9Generate all kinds of MIS Reports on Loan Processing and Loan Sanctioned.
10Loan Document Management to Archive and Retrieve all Documents related to Loans.
11Events based Alerts and Notifications. Auto Alerts of Payments defaults.
12Automatic escalation of Loan Documents based on threshold time limit in case of no action.

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