Corporate Insurance and Guarantee Management Automation

Workflow Based Collaborative Solution for Automation of Corporate Insurance and Guarantee Management

Corporate Insurance and Guarantee Management Automation

This is a Workflow based collaborative solution for automation of Claim, Insurance and Guarantee Management (CIGM). The solutions automate the complete process to claim all types of corporate insurance and raise corporate guarantees through easy to use and simple tracking and managing of CIGM along with associated documentation. It is designed to increase focus on collecting, storing, managing and analyzing the claims and corporate guarantees data effectively with features for real time status, CIGM category, follow up, reminders, workflow based collaboration of all stakeholders with complete audit tracking and accountability at each stages.

The Solution automates all different kinds of Corporate Insurance requirement like Insurance of Plant and Machineries, Insurance of Goods at Warehouse, Insurance of Goods in transit and etc. Complete information related to Insurance is captured as per statutory requirement. The Solution automates the complete process related to all the different kinds of corporate guarantees include issue of guarantee to vendors for procurement of Goods.

The Claims automation help in streamlining all the Claims to be made in all different kinds of Insurance made. The complete documentation required for claims is captured into the system. The solution can be customized to generate all the different kinds of report including MIS report related to Insurance and Guarantees.

Key Features

Workflow Based CIGM Automation

Implement Systematic and Workflow driven automation of the complete process related to all kinds of Corporate Insurance, Guarantees and Claims of insurance (CIGM) with specific Workflow for each.Solution provides easy to use and simple tracking and managing of CIGM along with documentation.

Capture Information for Corporate Insurance

Solution allows all the information related to different types of Insurance tobe captured in details; Warehouse, Plant Insurance or Insurance for Good being transported and etc. Details like Insurance type, Amount, Insurance Company, Cover Period along with all relevant document are captured into the system.

Capture Information for Corporate Guarantee

Solution captures the complete information related to issues of all types of Guarantees including guarantees for Good being purchased. Template based form allows the information related to Bank Form, background of the case, person and department requesting Guarantee, Entity the guarantee issued to, amount and etc. is captured into the system.

Capture Information for Claims

Solution captures the complete information related to Claim as per the statutory requirements ensuring fast and smooth claims process. Details like contact person, nature of claims, date and details of survey, date on incident, incident description, expected loss and etc. are capture with supporting document which is approved and process through the Claims Workflow.

Document Capturing for CIGM

We can customize our solution to implement a complete document capturing for related to CIGM which can include all internal as well as statutory document which are then stored in a Document repository for easy search and retrieval.

Comprehensive Backend Administration

The Solution provide a comprehensive backend Administration features which includes Insurance Master Management, User Management, defining various office locations, business units and etc. It also provides Insurance and Guarantee master library creation to define the format for information capturing.

Escalation Matrix

Complete User hierarchy along with escalation matrix can be built into the CIGM Workflow; allowing the system to automatically escalate CIGM Task to next user in the hierarchy if the current User is no taking action on the CIGM Tasks based threshold time.

Automated Alerts

The solution provides for generation of automatic email notification and alerts for all CIGM Tasks which are raised, action taken, approved and also on the Query assigned or replied to the respective stakeholders. This can be further extended to SMS based alerts.

Roles Based Routing and Send Back Options

The Solution provides a complete roles based routing of CIGM Task within the workflow wherein user is able to take actions like approve, reject, edit or view modification logs of CIGM Tasks based on the role and permission defined.

Active Directory Integration

Implement a complete Active Directory Integration with Single Sign On of the CIGM Workflow allowing the routing of workflow and taking actions based on the Active Directory hierarchy. The complete user permission and role can be mapped to AD hierarchy.

Analytics and Reports

Our solution provides complete analytics and drill down reports for every step of CIGM Workflow cycle. We can also develop any kinds customized MIS reports related to Insurance, Guarantee and Claims as per specific requirements.

Mobile Integration

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of all the stakeholders in the CIGM process who can take action on the CIGM Tasks from mobile devices.

Integrate with CRM or 3rd Party Software

We can develop tools to integrate to integrate the complete CIGM Workflow solutions with your ERP or with other 3rd Party IT software enabling automated export and import of data.

Complete History Trails

Our Solutions ensures that all the activities are captured into the system with complete history trails giving complete insights in who did what, when and where. Modifications are logged with record of every user data changes ensuring trace into every changes.

Advantages of Our Corporate Insurance and Guarantee Management

3Roles based access provide better control and efficiency in handling of CIGM.
4A Collaborative based CIGM solution.
5Provide Accountability with 100% visibility to all the stakeholders of CIGM.
6Ensures speedy CIGM approval process for key items.
7Mobile interface for anytime and anywhere access, reducing cost and speeding up process.
8Provide complete transparency with 100% visibility into to the managers and also to customer on their complaint.
9Enforcement of common formats for CIGM by using templates and document management system.
10Drill down reports into every CIGM.
11Events based Alerts and Notifications.
12Automatic escalation of CIGM Tasks based on threshold time limit in case of no action.

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