HR – Onboarding and Off-boarding Automation

Workflow Enabled Framework to automate the complete Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding and improve employee satisfaction level.

HR – Onboarding and Off-boarding Automation

Our HR On-boarding helps in bringing visibility to all departments involved in new hiring process. Personal accounts (travel, insurance, credit card etc.) are automatically opened and requirements for computer access, furniture, and etc. are routed to the appropriate departments and tracked by managers. The FnF automation allows information for resignation to be routed to all relevant department with each department closing all the files related to the employees e.g. IT ensuring return of all IT assets, closure of user accounts and password and etc.

The solution captures all the internal and as well as statutory document related to new joining and also employee being relieved and stores them in a document repository for easy access and retrieval later. All the stakeholders including the employee whose joining and FnF is being process are involved in the process. All the actions taken along with comment from various stakeholders are logged into the system there providing complete transparency and accountability in the process. The solution also provides for creation of customized feedback form or survey from the employee joining and also from employee being relieved.

This capture the feedback from the employee regarding their experience in the complete process and to ascertain the satisfaction level which can then be used to improve the process.

Key Features

Automate Employee Onboarding Process using Workflow

Implement Workflow enabled joining and induction of new employee by involving and routing the task to all the stakeholders across the department; HR, Accounting, IT, Admin and etc. Each stakeholders provides necessary approvals and thereby bring complete transparency.

Automate Employee Relieving Process using Workflow

Implement Workflow enabled relieving of employee by automating the complete task right from submission of resignation application to calculation of FnF settlements by involving all the stakeholders across the department; HR, Accounting, IT, Admin and etc.

Capture all Document Related to New Joining

The Solution captures the complete document for new joining like CV, NDA, resignation letter from previous company, reference checks and document related to insurance, travel, credit cards and etc.

Capture All Document related to FnF Process

The Solution captures all the document like resignation letter, FnF statements, signed acceptance of final clearances, signed handover of assets, issue of experince certificate and etc. for reliving of employees.

Visibility Across all the Department

The New Joining and FnF Workflow routes the task to all the groups involved in the process. All the concerned department like HR, Accounts, IT, Admin and etc. are made to provide necessary approval along with comments if any and thus bring in complete transparency in the process.

Asset Allocation and Return

The solution automates the complete process for allocation of Assets to the new employee which includes travel cards, insurance policy, credit card, computer access, furniture’s and etc. While at the time of relieving it ensures that all these assets and relinquished and handover properly to concerned departments.

Automated Follow-up with Alerts and Notifications

The solution provides for generation of automatic email notification and alerts for new joining or FnF which can be new task raised, action taken, approval or rejection made and etc. to a specified user, a selected role or group. This can be further extended to SMS based alerts.

Automated Escalation

The solution provides for escalation to a designated person in the workflow hierarchy if no action is taken within a prescribed limit as defined in the workflow. The solution also generates automatic email notification for pending, approved or rejected Tasks which can be further extended to SMS based alerts.

Conduct Feedbacks

We can create a customized survey and feedback specific to new employee joining and also for employee leaving to ascertain the employee satisfaction level and also on their experience on new joining and FnF settlements process. This can then be used to improve upon the complete process.

Complete Ticket History Trails

Our Solutions ensures that all the activities are captured into the system with complete history trails giving complete insights into who did what, when and where. Modifications are logged with record of every user data changes ensuring trace into every changes.

Analytics Reports and Dashboards

Analytical Reports with role-based Dashboards provide the real-time information to monitor status of new joining and FnF settlement, review the feedback and comment from other users and etc. We can develop customized reports which provide a single view of the complete process along with bottlenecks.

Mobile Integration

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of the department stakeholders and employee involved in new joining or FnF. They can provide approval, comments and view the status at various stages from their mobile devices on the go.

Advantages of Our Onboarding and Off-boarding Automation

3Capture all the information related to new joining and FnF right from day one.
4Capture all the internal and statutory document related to New Joining and FnF process.
5Automatically prioritize Tasks based on rules.
6Automatically escalate Tasks based on time based rule and comply with the process.
7Switch to 100% paperless based employee hiring and relieving process right from the day one.
8Mobile interface for anytime and anywhere access, reducing cost and speeding up process.
9Document complete communication with employee and various departments with history trails.
10Keep the employee informed at all the stages on his joining and relieving.
11Conduct employee feedback on their joining and relieving to ascertain employee satisfaction level.
12Generate Reports with role-based Dashboard to monitor the Task at all the stages.

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