Helpdesk Automation

Helpdesk Automation that provide flexibility and power to corporates for their in-house employees and as well as customer

Helpdesk Automation

Our Workflow based Help Desk Ticketing solutions is available on SharePoint O365, ASP .NET and mobile. The solution allows ticket to be raised by internal employees, customers and even help desk staff to raise support tickets. With proper permission, the help desk staff can manipulate data and assign the ticket to any field technician, while user who raised support ticket has permission to search for their open tickets and check status. Open tickets can be routed using workflow. Report dashboard can allow managers to view current support tickers.

Our Helpdesk Ticketing solutions provides you with the flexibility and power to meet the unique support needs of the corporates for both their customer and also the in house support requirement especially for the IT helpdesk. When a ticket is submitted into our Helpdesk system, based on type of ticket, importance of customer and criticality; you can use rules defined in the workflow to define where the tickets should be logged to whom it should be routed to.

Key Features

Automate Helpdesk using Workflow

Implement Workflow enabled Helpdesk Automation by incorporating predetermined If, the capabilities with specific rules based on tickets category, departments, importance of customer and etc. This helps in significantly reducing the ticket response and resolution time.

Categorize and Prioritize Tickets

The solution allows every incoming Ticker to be automatically categorized and prioritized based on the SLA and even assigned to the right support agent of support group within the team automatically even before the agent logs in.

Document Communication with Users

Complete user communications can be documented into the system which includes emails send and received and also any specific document can be uploaded into the system at every stage –when request is received, escalated, or closed out; thereby bringing complete transparency.

Time Based Action with Escalation

The solutions allow time based rule to act on a Ticket which can be triggered on a specific time and send e-mail based notification. The Ticker gets escalated and assigned to next in hierarchy if the no action is taken as per defined rules.

Build Support Knowledge Base

Our solution helps you build knowledgebase; specific to all categories on support tickets; helping both the support desk and IT service desk search knowledge bank to create incidents and assist in resolving them based on previous experiences. This also help in providing consistent answers to FAQs.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

The solution provides for generation of automatic email notification and alerts for specific tickets or predefined task related to Tickets raised, action taken, tickets closed and etc. to a specified user, a selected role or group. This can be further extended to SMS based alerts.

Survey and Feedbacks

Create customized surveys for customer and internal employee on Helpdesk to understand how your IT teams are perceived and identify areas of improvements. The response can be linked to service records and create a history trail that will help analyze issues and identify areas of improvements.

Automated Response

Create an automated response with pre-formatted replies which helps eliminate the need for the agents to type the same replies again and again. With placeholders for dynamic content each reply can be customized for a tickets based on customer, type of tickets and etc.

Analytics Reports and Dashboards

Analytical Reports with role-based Dashboards provide the real-time information to monitor service delivery, quality and commitments of your SLAs. We can develop customized reports which provide a single view of operational, financial and productivity metrics for each support staff to see how they are meeting their performance goals.

Mobile Integration

We can customize the solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets. This helps in increasing the mobility of the customer and internal employees, field support technicians and help desk staff.They can raise tickets, access incidents and assig them from their mobile devices on the go.

Centralize IT Asset Management and Discovery

Wecan create a customized Asset Management solution to automate IT assets and inventory management which can keep track of the hardware and software assets in your IT infrastructure. You can discover and obtain asset information like host name, model, serial number, software installed and link them to service tickets.

Complete Ticket History Trails

Our Solutions ensures that all the activities are captured into the system with complete history trails giving complete insights into who did what, when and where. Modifications are logged with record of every user data changes ensuring trace into every changes.

Advantages of Our Helpdesk Automation

1Automate Complex Helpdesk Business Process with extensive Workflows.
2Avoid manual errors in assigning Tickets and increase reliability of Business Process.
3Automatically capture all incoming request into database.
4Automatically notify helpdesk technicians as soon as new task is assigned.
5Automatically prioritize issues based on rules.
6Automatically escalate tickets based on time based rule and comply with SLA.
7Build knowledge base and document successful fixes to be leveraged later.
8Mobile interface for anytime and anywhere access, reducing cost and speeding up process.
9Document complete communication with user with history trails for each tickets.
10Automatically notify users of issue resolution or escalation.
11Survey end user following issues resolution to document user satisfaction.
12Generate Reports with role-based Dashboard to monitor service delivery, quality and SLA commitments.

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