Capital Expenditure Automation

Our CAPEX Management is a Collaborative Budgeting and Asset Purchase Management Solutions which ensures that your capital expenditures are authorized properly and is in compliance with your organisation’s Capex approvals and audit policies. The solutions allow manager to collaborate in defining budgets, define purchase limits based on departments and other parameters, allows capturing of all the purchase details with proposal and other attachments, define purchase workflows based on items and departments and provide complete audit trail of purchases.

Our CapEx solution helps you to eliminate lengthy email, paper trails and static spreadsheets based purchase process and adopt a Workflow based process which brings in visibility and control and eliminate loss of critical information. The Solution captures the complete details of the Asset being purchased with definition of purchase item, asset class, asset item, Capex category, spend, department and etc.and also ensures that minimum number of quotes from suppliers as per policy along with cost and quantity are captured.

The users in the hierarchy can collaborate in approving, rejecting or sending back the capex for necessary clarification with necessary alerts and notification at every stages. The users within the workflow can also raise query and seek clarification from anyone in the hierarchy before taking any action. All the actions at every stage is logged into the system creating a complete history logs for every capex.

CAPEX Investment Proposal Features


Write a compelling business justification for all Purchase Request with supporting document like proposals, justification etc. – even embed web links, charts or photos

Department Purchase

Authorise department across the enterprise to raise asset purchase requests with approval workflow customised for each departments

Multi-location Purchases

Allow location spread across multiple location to raise purchase request enforcing uniform process across the enterprises.

Central Purchases

Allow department head to raise central purchase request for key assets for their departments and offices across multiple location using approval workflow and hierarchy as per corporate policy.

Asset Disposals

Track the sale, transfer or other disposition of replaced assets with approval process as per corporate policy. Allows maximum return on sales of assets.

Define Asset Types

Define and Categorise your assets effectively and adopt a workflow based purchase process specific to east Asset Type.

Cost Estimation

Provide an effective cost estimation against each kinds of Purchases ensuring maximum ROI. Estimate Monthly project cash outflow by vendor, asset, type or other dimension.

Standard Cost

Create an asset library for commonly purchased items such as vehicles or equipment specific to your business


Register Vendor against different Asset or types. Track and Manage Spends by Vendor.


Capture multiple quotes as per your policy as part of the project record along with all necessary supporting document


Display the major stages or milestones of your project and visually indicate the status of each stage


Attach Word, Excel, .pdf and other electronic files to the project record – even photos and videos.

Workflow Based Approval Features

Workflow Based Approval

Workflow based approval and flexible rules engine makes it possible to automatically route Capex requests for approval no matter how complex your schema

Approval Rounds

Each Purchase Request can pass through multiple rounds of approval as necessary with option of Send Backs, Raise Query to stakeholders in the process.


Delegate approval authority to a backup when an approver will be unavailable for an extended period for whatever reason


Featured for mandatory re-approval of projects exceeding a cost tolerance threshold you set without having to file a separate supplemental request

View Documents

Review all the documents which are uploaded as supporting document against each Purchase Request and seek clarification on the same if any.

Alerts & Notification

Set automated reminders with Alerts and Notifications over email or Mobile so that you can action and provide approval on time.


Implement a rules-based checklist helps ensure that all necessary data is present before a Capex request is submitted for approval

Approval Matrix

Implement Approval Matrix and implement transparency to View your approval matrix in tabular form to ensure compliance with policy and facilitate updates.

Audit Trails

Each individual approver’s decision along with any comments is automatically logged and time stamped to provide a clear audit trail

Real Time Status

Real Time update of the status of your Purchase Request. Check who all have approved the request and where it is pending right now.

Action Taken History

View the complete history of Action Taken, comments against each action for any Purchase Request.

Mobile Approval

Option of Interface with Mobile to route Purchase Request to Mobile devices allowing to Approve, provide comments or seek clarification from your mobile device.

Planning & Budgeting Features

Budget Request

Provide Interface for Business units to easily provide their units designate investments for inclusion in the capital budget

Define Budget

Customised Interface allowing you to convert the plan based on feedback from business units into next year’s capital budget and link up your projects for approval and forecasting


Develop customised interface allowing you to Choose which projects should be budgeted for each business unit

Budget Rollover

Develop Customised Interface allowing you Rollover the remaining spend for current projects with easy to use interface.

Link Budget to Purchase

Align all the Purchases with Budget with real time updating of Budget against each approved purchases.


Customised Drill-down report from the parent company to any business unit, individual capital project or even single invoice

Cost Tracking & Forecasting Features

Customised Interface developed to integrate financial data from ERP (SAP/Oracle) with our CAPEX solution for cost forecasting and cost tracking.


Enter actual payments and close the loop on performance reporting by tracking actuals in the same system used for capital budgeting and approvals

Payment Uploads

Import payments from your ERP and have them automatically matched to the correct line item against asset types for purchase request and projects project

Detailed Forecasting

Detailed project line-item cash flow forecasting eliminates the need for project managers to maintain additional spreadsheets

Track Variances

Monitor actual Vs Forecast project spend against budgeted and approved amounts.

Import Purchase Order

Develop custom interface to Import purchase order data from your ERP to track committed project spend

Import Invoices

Develop custom interface  to Import invoice data from your ERP to track committed project spend

Collaborations Features

Auto Stream Info

Collaborate with your colleagues in the context of a project or against any Purchase Requests and leave the long email trails behind.

Share Data and Info

Share confidential comments and analyses and files against each Purchase Requests or Projects with team members privately.

Notification & Alerts

System generated and custom notifications alerts generated against each action taken by team members in the Workflow to keep them informed and updated at every stages of the process

Raise Queries

Raise Queries and seek clarification to any team members in the Workflow process against Purchase Request and log the same for access to every team members.


Follow important projects and Purchase Request and receive automated updates as the project progresses and at every stages of Purchase Process.


Quickly search for Purchase Request any project whether current or archived and perform analysis on various dimensions.

Reporting Features

Customised Reports developed for Process and Financial Reports. Reports are custom developed as per customer requirements.

Process Reports

Keep an eye on the approval funnel for your organization, identify delays and take immediate action when bottlenecks develop

Spend Analysis

“Slice and dice” your capital spend along multiple dimensions to drive procurement savings and deeper management insights

Charts Generation

Generate attractive visualizations of your data for Top Management on Business Processes, Spends, Budgeted Vs Actual Analytics and other Financial Dimensions.

Financial Reports

Generate various Financial Reporting to review project and purchases by project performance versus current year budget and the full life of the project

ROI Metrics

Custom Develop various types of ROI reports like actual P&L, Actual Vs Budgeted ROI and etc. on different ROI metrics


Set custom alerts to criteria you specify so that you can proactively address problems before they snowball into major issues.

CAPEX Platform Support

Development Platform


  1. Microsoft .NET
  2. ASP .NET
  3. Microsoft C#
  4. SQL Server Reporting Services.
  5. Option: Third Party Reporting Tools
Hosting Platform


  1. Windows Server.
  2. Database: Microsoft SQL Server.
  3. Option: SharePoint Portal for collaboration and document management.
  4. Option: Hosting on Microsoft Cloud Azure.
Workflow Platform


  1. Windows Workflow Foundation Server.
  2. SharePoint Workflow.
  3. Third Party Platform: K2 and others (License Cost Involved).