Accounts Payable Automation

Workflow Enabled Framework to automate the complete account payables.

Account Payable Automation

Our Workflow Enabled Accounts Payable Automation is meant for streamlining all the supplier payment processes for companies with volume and complex approval processes. The solution is web based and can be extended to mobile devices and includes supplier registration, invoice collection and approvals, payment method selection, tax form collections, payments status communication, payment reconciliation, ERP integration and tax filing reports preparation. It helps reduces invoice processing costs with paperless based workflow automation of your processes.

Our Account Payable Solutions can be extended on self-hosted web, cloud and can be customized and extended to even mobile devices as per your requirement with support for all the key stakeholder in their invoice processing and management. It can help drastically reduce your invoice processing cost, eliminate paper and moving you towards a fully automated workflow based platform.

You get secured access and control of every invoice in real-time on move available anytime and on any device. We can automate the process and help capture the invoice at the points of arrival, regardless of format or medium. We can develop tools for high speed scanning of invoices available in hard copy or develop integration tool to capture from ERP or any third party software.

Key Features

Workflow Automated Processes

Workflow enabled processes allows intelligent capturing of invoice data and routing to the right approver automatically; thereby eliminate errors, substantially reducing time and making the whole process paperless.

Capture Invoice at Point of Arrival

Automate the complete process and capture the invoice at the points of arrival, regardless of format or medium. We can develop tools to scan invoices in hard copy or integrate their capture from ERP.

Integrate with ERP or other IT System

We can develop tools to integrate our solutions with ERP, across other IT system or even with your trading partners enabling automated capturing of invoices and sharing of information with these systems for better control and visibility.

Improved Collaboration

The solution allows enhanced collaboration with document sharinginvolving all the stakeholders with their comments and inputs at every stage of approvals. The solution sends reminders and provide escalation bringing in transparency and accountability at every stage.

Analytics for Improved Decision Making

Our solution provides complete analytics which brings visibility to all the stakeholders they need to make better financial decision. We can build customized reports that delivers real-time insight to manage spends, identify bottle-necks, improve cash flow and enhance supplier relationships.

Mobile Integration

We can customize our solution and make it available on mobile devices and tablets as per your requirement. This helps making your manager more productive by reviewing and approving their invoices from their tablets or mobile devices, thereby enabling faster decision making.

Invoice Matching

We can customize our solution to ensure there is matching of all the invoices with respective orders, contracts or goods receipts and payment plans, thereby automating your complete Procure-To-Pay process. This helps increase efficiency and save cost and free up key people to focus on value added tasks.

Complete Audit Trails

Our Solutions ensures that invoices are visible as soon as they arrive and are easily tracked with audit trail at every stages giving complete insights in who did what, when and where. Modifications are logged with record of every user invoice data changes ensuring trace into every changes.

Advantages of Our Accounts Payable Automation

1Increase Efficiency while reducing the cost.
2Provides ERP Independent Workflow.
3Complete transparency with real-time visibility and audit trails.
4Switch to 100% paperless invoicing right from day one.
5Mobile interface for anytime and anywhere access, reducing cost and speeding up process.
6Ensures accurate capturing of data regardless of format.
7Integrate with ERP, other IT system or even trading partners.
8Analytical Reports to help in better financial decisions.
9Match your invoices with respective orders, contracts, goods received and payment plans.

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