Solutions Designed to Address Challenges of Telecom Industry


In the dynamic landscape today, telecommunication services industry is facing challenges from the market to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Service providers are looking at breakthrough technological solutions to establish their brands as the best in the market and at the same time tailor their systems to support and launch new services across multiple channels of communication.

COMM-IT has been providing IT solutions and services to some of the leading telecom service providers for more than 8 years consistently maintaining its commitment for quality delivery and retaining the trust of the customers. COMM-IT telecom services offering comprises of IT Services, Business Process Outsourcing, end-to-end IT Infrastructure Services, custom application development, business process transformation and etc. our service offering address multiple landscape in telecom which include R&D, consulting, operations and Enterprise IT.


  1. IT Infrastructure Services:
    • IT Infrastructure Commissioning: Data Center, Servers, Storages, Network and etc.
    • IT Infrastructure Management
  2. Managed Services
    • Staff Augmentation
    • Application Maintenance & Support
    • Outsourcing and etc.
  3. Integration Services:
    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): on SOA
    • Business Process Management (BPM).
  4. Enterprise Application Services:
    • Business Support Services (BSS)
    • Operations Support Services (OSS)
    • Enterprise Management Services
  5. Application development and Maintenance Services: COMM-IT extended R&D team to the telecom service provider helps you to concentrate on your business while we leverage our experience in developing customized applications like Security applications, Middleware solutions, Payment application and etc. for you and integrating them with current applications. COMM-IT range of ADM offerings includes:
  6. Application Development : Providing end-to-end development from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout.
  7. Application Maintenance : Modifying or enhancing software to meet changing or increasing business demands in the post-rollout phase of an application
  8. Application Support : Providing first, second, third line support and on-call support
  9. Application Integration/Migration/Transformation : Replacing, migrating and integrating legacy or bespoke systems with COTS products
  10. Application Management : The application management layer cuts across all software engineering activities listed above.
  1. Fulfillment & Provisioning:
    • Network Vendor Integration
    • Customer Order Acquisition
    • Point of Sale
    • Business Services Orchestration
  2. Complaints & Fraud Management:
    • Manage high level complaints
    • Manage Bill disputes
    • Manage Faults
    • Faults SLA monitoring
    • Knowledge Management
  3. Billing and Revenue Management:
    • Product Tariff Configuration
    • Collections
    • Billing & Invoicing
    • Revenue Settlement
    • Revenue Assurance
  4. Payments Management:
    • Setup Payment Methods (Direct Debit/Credit Card)
    • Refund Process
    • Amend/cancel payment methods
    • Payment error mgmt.
  5. Sales & Marketing:
    • Offer Management
    • Sales Portal
    • Promotions
    • Customer Retention
  6. Customer Care Contact Centre:
    • Customer Care (Web)
    • Customer Self Care portal
  7. Fraud & Credit Management:
    1. Fraud Management
    2. Credit Management
    3. Customer Loyalty Management
    4. Revenue Leakage and Revenue Assurance.
  8. Digital Marketing Solutions:
    • Digital Signage and Advertising Management Solutions: we partner we world leader in Digital Signage and AV industry on Hardware and Software platform.
    • Large Implementation Base: we have closed to 5,000 screens running in Middle East and India.
  9. Mobile Applications: both Hybrid and Native application on iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.
  1. Domain Expertise: COMM-IT has collaborated with many Telecom industry leaders to transform their businesses and drive growth throughout their organization. We can enable your organization to:
  2. Reduced time-to-market through our best-in-class solution accelerators, ready-to-access proprietary frameworks and platform solutions.
  3. Focus on strategic challenges and strengths and improve efficiency and quality of service.
  4. Gain access to resources and capabilities not available internally Increase business flexibility with an agile and efficient business model.
  5. Proven Expertise in Designing and Architecting Complex IT Applications and Implementing integrated telecom information system.
  6. Mobile Platform: our Mobile Platform expertise comprises of iOS, Android, Symbian and Window Mobile/Windows Phone.
  7. Global Presence: India, Middle East.
  8. Widest range of Platform Coverage: COMM-IT is fully conversant and have proven track records with technologies and tools based on Microsoft, Oracle, Java, Open source and Mobile Platform
  9. Partnership with the major OEM Enterprises: we partner with some of the world leading Hardware and Software vendor to bring an integrated solutions offering for you. Please visit our Technology Partner (put a link to Technology Partners Page) Section for more details.