Portal & Collaboration Projects - SharePoint

Portal & Collaboration Projects – SharePoint

More than 10 years in the field of SharePoint Implementation with implementation from the very first release of SharePoint 2001 and latest release till date.

Intranet and Process Automation Portal

This SharePoint Intranet, Collaboration, Knowledge and enterprise wide process automation portal was implemented for one of the leading petrochemical company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The solution was implemented to improve enterprise wide business collaboration and making it easier for employees to access knowledge, artefacts, seek expert guidance, and collaborate over business events. The solution implemented various web parts for the in-house cross-functional team and also clients to collaborate with process forms automation, online conversation, contacting management, idea sharing and etc. The various forms like Final Clearance, Visitor Gate Pass, ID Card Issuance, Passport release request and etc. were automated using SharePoint Workflows.

Payment Process Streamlining

Procurement and Payment Process automation project was done for one the largest bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Bank receives large number of invoices every day with many of the approval being done on email. COMM-IT implemented an Intranet based collaboration platform on SharePoint with complete workflow automation for the entire invoice payment process from Procurement to Payment department. The Workflow enablement of the process allowed the system to track each and every invoices status, routing to various departments for approval, sending reminders and if further delays then escalating to right managers.

Portal and Collaboration

This SharePoint Portal and Collaboration Project was implemented for one of world’s leading Food and Beverages company with operations over 200 countries. The project was implemented for the AMEA region for the company with the purpose of providing common platform for better collaboration for all the employees and increased process efficiency. The scope includes portal (for team, division, department and individual), collaborative workspaces, Document Management, automation of processes and easy search and access for people and information.